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Marketing Minute: Google Maps Advertising

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Marketing Minute: Google Maps Advertising

Red Shark Digital

For local businesses, gaining more visibility for your brand and attracting new customers is always key. While Google My Business will put your business on the map, Google Maps Advertising can give customers that extra push to walk into your business. Learn everything you need to know about Google Maps Advertising in this weeks marketing minute!

Local Search Ads

Google Maps Advertising works off of the information provided by your Google My Business to create advertisements to serve to users when they are in a particular location. By implementing Google Maps Ads, your business no longer has to be in that particular area. Google allows you to choose the area you wish to target, as well as being listed above the organic search results. If your business isn't performing as well organically, Map Ads could give you an extra boost.

Promoted Pins

Another form of advertising through Google Maps are promoted pins. These pins serve as a distinctive marker for businesses who buy ad space. The pin features the company logo of the business throughout the Google Maps App as a notifier that the business is near their location. Whether the user is getting directions, driving, or searching in the app, the marker will display to attract potential customers to their store.

The promoted pins also have an in-store promotions feature that allows users to see featured specials available to them. This feature could help drive conversions and entice customers to make a purchase if the right promotion is implemented.

Local Business Pages

Similar to Google My Business, the new and improved Map Ads will feature customizable business pages that highlight your essential business information, as well as your local inventory. You can use this feature to highlight special products related to your in-store promotions, as well as attract potential customers. Google Maps also provides better accuracy when tracking conversions through store visits. This will allow you to better determine your ROI through your online investment.

If you're struggling to get your local business noticed, take advantage of Google Maps Advertising. Take control of your online presence and contact Red Shark Digital to learn more about Google Maps Advertising!

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