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Marketing Minute: Dynamic Creative Ads

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Marketing Minute: Dynamic Creative Ads

Red Shark Digital

Dynamic creative Ads, wow that’s a mouthful. Unlike the name, these ads are anything but complicated. Using keyword funnels and contextual content, Dynamic Creative provides personalized ads in real time based on whatever the customer is searching for.

How does it work?

What’s great about this tool is that no site visit is required to serve these dynamic ads. Let’s take the auto industry for example. When searching for a car the customer will often search for a specific color, classification, new vs. used, etc. Dynamic Creative will take that information and formulate a personalized ad that is relevant to what they were searching for. If they were searching for a red truck, an ad with a red truck would show that would link back to the dealer’s website.

Forget the Feed

When it comes to dynamic creative at Red Shark Digital, forget the inventory feeds! We have the ability to crawl your site and pull your inventory automatically! Talk about convenient!

Dynamic Creative Ads are a fast and easy way to reach your target market. Customers find what they’re looking for faster, and in turn, you receive more business! Learn how to build your business with dynamic creative today, call Red Shark Digital to get started!

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