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Major Key Alert: Programmatic Success

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Major Key Alert: Programmatic Success

Matt Mitchell

They don’t want you to win, they don’t want you to be successful but guess what… we do. Don’t play yourself when it comes to programmatic advertising or let some other agency tell you what you

programmatic success

want to hear when it may not actually be helping your campaign or business. The team here at Red Shark Digital has put together a little quiz for you on how to determine if your campaign is headed towards success or distress. So, what I’m going to do here is elaborate a little more on each of the questions and give you the major keys to programmatic success. Follow these tips and you’ll be heading to the bank screaming “All I Do is Win!”

Campaign Goals

When it comes to setting up your first programmatic campaign one of the first causes of distress is when you try to have more than one goal for your campaign. If you do have more than one goal or are in need of more than one result, then you may want to consider broadening your goal or running separate campaigns for each of your primary goals.

Treating Your Campaign Like a Light Switch

This is one that a lot programmatic advertisers can take note of. Programmatic advertising involves a heavy dose of machine learning, so it is not a good idea to constantly turn your campaigns off and on like a light switch. If you are running a campaign that is only supposed to run every other month, it may be worth your time to focus on a search or social campaign instead. If you are constantly pausing your campaigns, you’ll never see the true success that programmatic advertising has to offer.

Let Your Creative Genius Flourish

Creatives are the key to any successful campaign, not just programmatic campaigns. Having eye-catching creatives that are updated often to give users a fresh look at your business is always important, even if you are only running a social campaign. With programmatic campaigns, however, it is critical to your success that different sizes are utilized to their maximum potential. If you aren’t using multiple creative sizes, you will miss out on valuable ad space that could result in a sale! Lucky for you, when you set up a campaign with Red Shark Digital, we ensure that you are running the best creative sizes.

Video Killed the Display Star

It’s 2018 and let’s face it. If you aren’t using video then you are behind the times. Video, when done correctly, is the type of creative that users become invested in, allowing them to truly connect with your brand, without even visiting your site! If you are interested in adding video into your programmatic campaign, let us know, as we plan ahead and create high-quality videos for your campaigns if you do not already have one.

Campaign Optimization - the Right Way

When it comes to optimizing your campaign, we optimize based on performance and not the audience profiles that our competition optimizes for. We optimize campaigns constantly through its entire run based off of the data we are seeing. If something isn’t working we pull it and focus more on what is working to ensure the best results for all of our clients.

Are Your Campaigns Mobile?

This day and age everyone uses their mobile phone for anything internet based. If you are not utilizing mobile tactics in your campaigns the chances are you’re not hitting your campaign’s full potential. Utilizing mobile even allows you to take a look at offline conversions! That’s why so many of our clients love adding in geofencing!

Localization is Everything

When you are looking at targeting for your campaigns one of the key things you should be doing is localizing your campaign. This means that if you’re a national company wanting to target the entire United States, you will likely see better results if you run multiple programmatic campaigns that are targeted locally instead of one broad campaign for national exposure.

We’ve Got the Keys

Well there ya have it, now you have the major keys to programmatic advertising success. Red Shark Digital wants to see you succeed, so instead of trying things by yourself, let us take care of you and your campaigns. Contact us today to start your programmatic the journey the right way. Bless up!

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