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Indexing in 2018 and Beyond

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Indexing in 2018 and Beyond

Red Shark Digital

Up until recently, Google and other search engines have been indexing websites for years on end with a focus on desktops. That playing field has just changed. Google now indexes the mobile version of your website first. It should be of little to no surprise to those of you that work regularly in digital spaces, but it may be a bigger moment to the average reader that stumbles onto this blog. By now your mind is moving a mile a minute, considering whether or not you chose to build a site optimized for mobile or desktop use.

Most of the world walks around buried in their smartphone,which in part explains the shift in how Google indexes. The other is simple math on growth. By 2019 over 5 billion people will be connected by their mobile devices. To put that in perspective, there are just over 7.5 billion souls on the planet right now, meaning the majority of traffic on the internet is from a mobile device. That being said, mobile is the game moving forward.

As you transition from more desktop friendly websites to mobile, consider everything. Sounds daunting, but its not. Using your intuition, think as a user. Just like you do when you shop online, say at Amazon. Do your tabs make sense? Does the information flow in a logical progression? Are the colors reflective of your overall message and tone? Can you find things easily? Does your site have a search feature that delivers results?

The list goes on and on, as it should. It takes a team of people to formulate the best sites out there, lucky for you - it’s Red Shark Digital.

As indexing has changed to mobile first, so must your strategy of attracting, keeping and maintaining customer relationships. When you are walking along and want to find something, or directions - you probably will use artificial intelligence like Siri or Alexa. What happens next is important; the words you say are more like direct conversational prompts to achieve your desired result. However, if you were at your desktop, you’d simply type in a Google search and follow those page one results. So, what this now

means is that your keywords are changing based on voice which is used almost exclusively on….you guessed it..MOBILE.

All that to say, if you're about to refresh your website or are just starting out, you've chosen a great time. Here at Red Shark Digital, we know mobile. We know SEO. We know user experience (UX). We know how to get you to the next stage, and were ready to work with you as you make your mark in the digital frontier in 2018. So, there you have it, mobile is the new game and you do not want to miss it, or try to catch up later. Later it might be too late, or more costly to regain lost market presence. Not if we can help it. Reach out to us today, we’re here to help you succeed with us.

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