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Increase Your Calls with Facebook Ads

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Increase Your Calls with Facebook Ads

There are 1.15 billion daily active users on Facebook mobile. When combined with GPS functionality, Facebook’s massive user base can be a valuable resource for your business. Facebook ads have allowed business owners to target ads to locations for some time now, and it can lead to promising results. Facebook is always looking for a way to take advantage of their massive, mobile audience. They recently rolled out a new feature for their ads: Click to Call. This feature can target people near your business and give them a direct line to you.

You can incorporate Click to Call into your ads with the same steps you’re already using to create Facebook ads. This feature takes advantage of Facebook’s reach options. You’ll be able to target your Click to Call Ads to people based on their location, language, interests, demographics and more. These options help you maximize offline sales and use Reach and objective to connect with as many people near your business as possible. Not only will potential customers see your ad but they will be able to contact you with the click of a button.

Ads that have a phone number listed have a higher click-through rate than ads without and it’s easy to see why. Some people want to interact with a live representative and Click to Call puts you one step closer to turning an impression into a customer. Click to Call also offers an added level of convenience. When your business appears on a user’s newsfeed, they are just a click away from contacting your business.

Click to Call Ads take advantage of GPS information, so you can guarantee that people seeing your ads are potential customers. The majority of your customers come from a twenty-mile radius around your business, so why not send your ads directly to them? You can get the benefits of running a local ad while taking advantage of a massive user base. Facebook’s advertising system takes it a step further. You’ll be able to target not only people who live in your area but anyone that enters your targeted area.

Facebook offers a wealth of customer data for business owners to use to tailor their ads. Click to Call Ads provide a new way to gather data on your customers, giving you new insight into your customer base. You’ll be able to record calls to review them later, allowing you to get the most out of your interactions with customers over the phone. Click to Call will also measure data like; call duration, date and time or call, caller location, and more. You can also analyze demographic information on your callers. If you find that your callers are mostly of a particular age group or interest group, you can tailor your ads to them.

Click to Call Ads is another way that you can get the most out of your ads while taking advantage of the largest user base on any platform. Facebook’s existing features like Reach, allow you to target your ads and maximize their impact. Your customers have gone mobile; so your ads should too.

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