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Inbound Marketing vs. Disruptive Marketing: The Pros and Cons

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Inbound Marketing vs. Disruptive Marketing: The Pros and Cons

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You may be wondering if inbound marketing or disruptive marketing is better for your business. Here, then, are the pros and cons of each type of marketing so you can determine which is right for your business.

Disruptive Marketing: The Pros

  • Using disruptive marketing implies that the market for what you're trying to sell -- whether it be shampoo or socket plugs -- already exists. Therefore, you can use whatever is at your disposal in terms of marketing research to analyze the effectiveness of your campaign.
  • Because your proposed customer base already is familiar with your product (mostly because of your competition), it makes the acceptance and adoption of your product easier.

Disruptive Marketing: The Cons

  • Competing products already exist -- and you trying to put your product on the market to go up against them may only lead to failure. (Think about what would happen if you tried to release your music service product against iTunes...)
  • Further along those lines, it's in your competition's best interest (i.e., using the iTunes example) to see you fail. They will use all of their resources available at their disposal -- including their legal and marketing resources -- to put you out of business.

Inbound Marketing: The Pros

  • It's low-cost (when compared to the price of disruptive marketing, especially).
  • It can be quantitatively measured -- for example, a recent study suggests that 70% of companies that blog 2-3 times a day acquired a customer.

Inbound Marketing: The Cons

  • Obviously, it's more expensive than disruptive marketing (or any other type of outbound marketing). In terms of time expended, talent required, and leads generated, inbound marketing -- especially in the beginning -- is going to give you a low ROI.
  • Most of all, inbound marketing takes time. You're not going to get results from inbound marketing overnight.

Now that you know all about disruptive -- and inbound -- marketing, you're probably interested in finding out more information about what a professional integrated marketing company -- such as ours -- can do for you. And we're happy to answer your questions, and consult you on your company's needs -- all you have to do is contact us today!

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