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Geofencing: Location Based Marketing with Extreme Precision

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Geofencing: Location Based Marketing with Extreme Precision

Red Shark Digital

You’re walking down the street and suddenly your phone chirps with a notification from a local business offering you 25% off of their newest product. This is what we, in the digital marketing industry, refer to as location based marketing or geofencing.

Many of you may already know what geofencing is, but for those who do not, Geofencing can be used to target customers in a physical location, allowing the advertiser to trigger the right message and campaign at the perfect time and place. Geofencing is done using global positioning or radio frequency identification to define a geographic boundary. Once the “virtual barrier” is created, you set up triggers that send a text, email or app notification when a mobile device enters or exits the area.

Think about it as if you were selling frozen yogurt and you have a competitor four stores down. As soon as someone gets close to your competition you can target them with a coupon that then makes the consumer come to your frozen yogurt shop instead of your competitor's shop!

Geofencing is done by drawing boundaries on a map and setting rules that when someone enters the fenced location or is about to leave, they are targeted with your ad. It is quite the cool concept that can allow you to secure more sales and increase brand loyalty.


Often geofencing is done via your business’ app, but you can also do so through the web. This means that when someone is browsing the web in the fenced location, your advertisement will be shown to that user, thus resulting in the consumer adding your business to the list of places to stop by while they are in the area.

Not only can you use geofencing for particular locations, but you can also use geofencing at events to see how social media users are engaging with your event and use this data to bring more of what users love to future events.

Another popular usage of geofencing has to do with the mobile coupon service RetailMeNot. This app partners with businesses to offer exclusive promotions to users and the app even pushes notifications about those exclusive promotions when users enter the area surrounding the business. Talk about a great way to market your goods/services to consumers and get them to walk through your doors!

Here at Red Shark Digital, we take geofencing to the next level! Our geofencing experts identify key target areas for you reach the right customers, then assure that those consumers are lured in by not only great deals but also captivating content that will make consumers flock to your business instead of your competition.

If you’re interested in kicking your digital marketing into gear by using geofencing, contact us today! We look forward to getting to know you and your business and helping you exceed your business goals!

Red Shark Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency located in Greenville, NC. Contact us today for all of your digital marketing needs. We cannot wait to make waves with you.

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