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Why Email Marketing is Still Important

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Why Email Marketing is Still Important

Alaina Corsini

In today’s digital age, many marketers focus their attention on social media advertising. This is a great tactic but what happens when it’s not working properly? Just last week Facebook and Instagram went down for hours and this greatly affected many marketers content strategies. It’s important to not rely on social media and have multiple tactics to get your advertisements out. Email marketing can still have a large impact on your business if you strategize right.

Make Every Email Count

Any email, whether it is a subscription confirmation, sale announcement or transaction receipt is a marketing opportunity. Mailchimp did a study and found that there is an average open rate of 21% across 16 million users, but when it comes to an autoresponder email there was a 50 to 90% open rate. The first email you send to a consumer needs to give off a good first impression. Not only should it give off a good impression, but you want the user to spend time exploring the email and not just send it to the trash bin. If you want a user to make purchases you need to build trust. Consumers want to see what you sell and who you sell to. Showcase any press mentions, awards or testimonials to show that you are a credible source and an expert on the products you are selling. Reaching out to past clients and asking for a few sentences on their experience can have a big impact on your brand. Consumers want to see that other consumers just like them enjoyed their experience with your brand.

Don’t Go Unnoticed

It has been shown that there is no correlation between subject-line length and open rate. You want to focus on quality over quantity. Having an attention grabbing subject can boost your open rate on every email. A great way to grab their attention is to showcase the best of your website. Whether that be your top five videos or best selling products, you want to give the user a reflection of who you are and what you have to offer. Another tactic is to direct them to your social accounts. If you know your social accounts will showcase your brand and drive the most sales, then advertise them! An email with a list of social icons will allow the user to pick their favorite platform and explore your brand. There is a way to see who has opened your emails and who hasn’t, so you are able to resend an email to those who didn’t open it the first time with a new subject line. A good first impression will leave a lasting image in their mind which can lead to future consumption.

Optimize for Mobile

Browsing on a mobile device is much different than browsing on the computer. 50% of all emails are opened on mobile devices, so it is important to adapt. When a consumer is opening their emails on their phone, their attention will be dropped after eight seconds. Make sure your emails have a fast upload speed because you only have eight seconds to get them to read more. All images need to be 600 pixels or smaller to ensure they will upload correctly. It only takes three seconds for consumers to send an email to the trash bin if it isn’t loading properly. When you have emails with large body of texts you’ll want to break them up into smaller paragraphs. Two sentences of text on a laptop looks much different on a phone, and large paragraphs will turn consumers away. Before sending out any emails it is important to view them on the computer and phone to make sure everything works properly.

Why Choose Red Shark Digital?

Email and social strategies can go hand-in-hand when it comes to your marketing strategy. While your social accounts can show off your products and services, it’s your emails that build trust and increase sales. Email marketing is still the most cost effective strategy so incorporate it into your marketing plan to expand your business.

Red Shark Digital offers Email Marketing solutions, which are designed to help our clients gain an edge over their competitors. We provide services in Email Design, Mobile Advertising, and Social Media Create for meaningful campaigns to meet your specific needs. Our Email Marketing offerings are comprehensive and cost-efficient, creating productive campaigns for our clients.

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