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Drone Photo & Video

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Drone Photo & Video

Matt Mitchell

What is a Drone?

Also known as an unmanned aerial vehicle, a drone is a small aircraft that is controlled remotely by someone who is on the ground. These gadgets can stay hovering in and flying through the air from 10-25 minutes depending on the quality of the device.

Our Services

Red Shark Digital provides drone footage services including capturing events, panoramic photography, and 360-degree video content. These services provide the viewer with unique and interactive content which is guaranteed to capture the attention of many. From a marketing standpoint, drone photography and videography is a new and innovative way to attract your audience.

How Drones Can Benefit Your Business

There is a wide variety of use cases where drone photo and video services can give clients a better understanding of a product, service or business. Business owners are given the opportunity to display the advantages of their product or service while including an array of viewpoints that would not be available from traditional photography.

Advertising and Marketing with Drones

In the day and age, we live in, advertisers are not limited to traditional advertising mediums. Since these aircrafts can fly essentially anywhere, they are unique tools when conducting any advertising or marketing campaign. The captivating aerial photos and videos that drones provide are a fantastic way to enhance an advertiser’s strategies. This marketing effort is achieved by engaging the customers’ attention and leaving them with mental imagery, rather than just words on a page. Drone footage and aerial photography can be forceful tools for our clients’ marketing tactics. Video footage is commonly displayed on website landing pages, commercials, and social media channels. Aerial photos are often shown on annual reports, print materials, and advertisements. Drones as marketing tools are a great way to sweep your company off the ground. Literally.

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