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Digital Marketing For Law Firms

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Digital Marketing For Law Firms

Red Shark Digital

In today’s digital age when trying to reach potential clients, traditional marketing methods are starting to fall flat. As businesses, we have to learn how to adapt and embrace new trends to promote our business and our services. For firms who have a very distinct target market, we are able to finely tune and target your campaigns to optimize performance. There are a variety of digital marketing tactics we can use to set your firm above the rest. With any business, you want to ensure you’re gaining quality leads that are more likely to convert into clients. Local search can play a huge part in reaching potential clients. Most people searching for a lawyer are often searching within a specific area or county. Local search takes in to account geographical locations to provide results of local businesses. It uses a variety of directories including Google My Business, Bing Local, and Apple Maps to display key information about your business and services. Optimizing this will help you appear in the Google 3 Pack and reach potential customers when they perform those “near me” searches.

Google 3 Pack

We can also optimize your overall SEO strategy to focus on local keywords and improve online visibility in your area. Fine-tuning your content to be more SEO friendly will give you a more well-rounded strategy, helping you appear higher in the SERPs.

Custom Web Features

It’s a no-brainer that every business should have a website by now. For users, it can serve as a one-stop shop for business information, a source of credibility, and a point of contact. Having a custom web design can allow you to create a variety of functions to improve their user experience as well as push them to become quality clients. At Red Shark Digital, we have created multiple designs and functions for local law firms, helping them reach their business goals. When working with Day Law Firm, we integrated an online booking platform that allowed customers to set up appointments and pay additional fees in a safe and secure platform. This also provided more in-depth information than basic contact forms, as well as simplifying scheduling and overall business practices.

Responsive Website Design

Having an impressive website that accurately showcases your firm is ultimately the first goal, however not implementing a responsive design could drastically hurt your credibility and stray potential new customers away from your site. A responsive design allows your website to conform and configure to a variety of devices and screen sizes. With more than 50 percent of all search queries coming from mobile devices, a responsive design has never been more important. Without it, a user could become frustrated, diminishing their experience, forcing them to look for service elsewhere.

Social Advertising

When discussing the best platforms to target your clients, social media is a great place to start. Millions of users are using some form of social media daily, tapping into this resource could allow you to easily target potential customers and gain valuable insights into your marketing strategy. Through personalized campaigns, we can generate brand awareness and increase quality leads. Social media advertising is also one of the fastest ways to reach a large target market, all while gaining in-depth information about your intended clientele.

Video Content

A great way to help you stand out from competitors while engaging your audience is to implement video content. Highly engaging and immersive, videos are able to be shared throughout a variety of platforms, reaching potential customers and providing a more personal approach. When working with the Law Offices of Ashley-Nicole Russell, we were able to create a variety of informative videos that showcased her services and her brand. This allowed her to effortlessly connect with her clients and answer frequent questions in a more personal way. From crafting an emotional campaign to an informative video, by implementing our videography services we can help you elevate your content through immersive storytelling.

Getting Started

Our digital marketing capabilities don’t stop here, we have a variety of strategies and tactics to help you reach your business goals. To get started, simply fill out our contact form below. Once we have information about your business and goals, our dedicated account executives will craft the perfect solution to target potential clients and generate more leads. [gravityform id="54" title="true" description="false"]

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