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Inbound Marketing: The Dangers of Non-timely Posts

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Inbound Marketing: The Dangers of Non-timely Posts

Red Shark Digital

Inbound marketing is definitely something that is becoming more and more popular as time progresses. Not only is it something that is simple to set up, but it is rather effective.

However, many businesses have made mistakes along the way when it comes to creating timely pieces for their inbound marketing campaign.

The first thing you will want to do is to create portions of your inbound marketing strategy that coincide with things that are going on in your industry or around the world. Make sure you are paying attention to the news and create ads that will reflect well on your company. Many businesses have made the mistake of skipping this step only to receive major backlash because of the way their ad ignores a major world event or tragedy.

For example, Gap received some backlash after posting a tweet following Hurricane Sandy, which encouraged those who were affected by the storm to shop online. While the goal was to attach the company with a national event, this tweet was considered in poor taste because of the dangerous situation those affected by the storm were in.

One great way to make sure you do not fall into this trap is to take some time every day to review what is happening around the world. Then, you should review any ads you will be releasing in the near future to determine if a conflict is present.

You should also review any events or major news announcements that are taking place within your industry. Adding these elements into your advertisement can be something that helps your business stay current and exciting.

Creating posts that are timely is one of the best ways to represent yourself as a voice of your industry. In the end, this is something that will help create a level of trust with your customers that will keep them coming back to you in the future.

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