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Why Consistent Marketing is Important to your Success

November 12, 2021
September 27, 2023

Why Consistent Marketing is Important to your Success

Red Shark Digital

You want those pearly whites that you see on all the movie stars, the coveted beautiful smile that everyone is seeking. You research, “teeth whitening kits”, and find the product with the best reviews and you set out to find them at your local store. You get home, determined to achieve that snow white grill only to use it three nights in a row and forget about it. A few weeks later, you realize you stopped using the kit, so you start up again and forget about it after a few nights. You continue this vicious cycle of starting and stopping and starting all over again, yet you see no results. Of course, you know the reason behind this is because of lack of consistency. If you just stuck with a consistent routine, you would have the bright smile you’ve been dreaming of.  

As a small business owner, this is what happens to your marketing efforts if they are not consistent. Do you find that your marketing efforts aren’t as steady as you want them to be? Or, that your leads aren’t strong when you ARE marketing? Making sure that you are running your business effectively along with running a marketing campaign that is equally as effective can be hard when you’re working for yourself. Marketing is such an important part of your business, but only if you do it consistently.

Now, it is understood that a small business doesn’t have nearly as many resources for marketing as a large corporation does, recognizing that fact first and foremost is incredibly important. ‘Shop Small’ or ‘Shop Local’ has become a well-known slogan for small and local businesses around the country, but how do you stand out? This is where a boutique digital marketing agency comes into play, not only does a boutique agency understand how a small business works, they also can immerse themselves and give you personal one-on-one dedicated time and efforts to learn your business and audience to market you the most effectively.

So, let’s get down to it. What does ‘most effectively’ actually mean? The most successful companies are consistent. They are consistent in their sales, their social media posting, the new content they develop, and, you guessed it, their marketing. Obviously, what I’m getting at is, you need to start a routine and don’t stop.

We talk about branding, followers, and leads. But, does any of that matter if none of those things bring you sales? You may capture the audience you are looking for, even have them so interested in what you are selling that they look further into it, but if they don’t convert all of it was for nothing. How do you make it over that hurdle? You don’t just jump (pun intended), you work with your digital marketing agency and you put together a well defined strategy that will work for a long-term ROI. Then, you put that plan in place and, again, you don’t stop.

Back up a little bit, how do you put together this well defined strategy that will boost your company profit? You evaluate your lead situation. Where are your current leads generating from? How often are you getting new leads? And the kicker, are your leads valued leads? In this case, everything becomes quality over quantity. You can receive 100 leads a day but if none convert, the point becomes mute. You can also receive 10 leads a day and out of those, you get 5 conversions. Wouldn’t you prefer 70 leads a week and 35 conversions rather than 700 leads and no conversions? Naturally, the more quality conversions, the more quality leads you will get which will then turn into more quality leads and more quality conversions, and so on and so on. Thus, growing your business with valued leads.

How do you begin to find these quality leads? Well, that’s a great question and it’s all in the (you got it) consistency of your marketing efforts. This is where we will change the message up a bit, it’s not just consistency, it is hitting the right target with the right message consistently. You do this through building that brand awareness with the right audience, getting those followers in the right audience, and then you let your digital marketing agency work their magic (or let them do everything from the start). They can do this through managing your social media channels and making sure that your posts are constant and relevant, creating content that is informational for your followers, and presenting the message that your business is the best in what you do.

Using an agency creates the consistency you need, the scheduled posts, the updated information, the new creatives to reel your audience in. You create that consistency without having to keep up with it yourself. Now, going with an agency off the bat may not be something you’re interested in immediately. If that’s the case, follow all of the above and most importantly, STAY CONSISTENT! You will build that valuable following that you are looking for and your company will flourish.

Always remember, if you only use those whitening strips for 3 days, you aren’t going to see results. Keep a schedule and don’t slack and you will see those beautiful pearly whites in no time!

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