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Close Out the Summer with a Strategy Refresh

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Close Out the Summer with a Strategy Refresh

Red Shark Digital

Summer can be a slower time for some retailers. As the season comes to a close, make sure to fine-tune the small things and refresh your marketing strategy. Small changes can make a huge difference! Here’s how to drive sales to close out the summer:

It’s The Little Things

A/B testing in email marketing will help you to find which campaign option is the most effective in terms of encouraging opens or clicks. The main creative pieces, like headline copy, imagery, and featured products, can increase ROI on your email marketing program. Experiment with the small details that you may have overlooked before. You can play around with the color and size of your CTA elements or switch up your layouts; make small changes to see what works for your customers.

Incentivize Customers to Share Data

Most customers expect personalization as a standard of service and will spend more money with brands that can target them with content that is most relevant to them. But collecting those data points from customers isn’t always easy. Incentivize customers to share data, such as their interests, content email frequency preferences, clothing style, etc., with loyalty points, exclusive access, discounts, and more. Customers will be more eager to share their information when they receive an immediate award for it.

Emphasize Exclusivity

Loyalty programs are a great way to gain customer data; these customers are more likely to share their preferences and feedback with brands while engaging more often. Make your loyal customers feel special by offering exclusive access, discounts, or special offers. Remind them throughout the process that they are receiving VIP treatment!

Spread the Word

Most consumers initially hear about a new retailer through a recommendation from friends or family rather than through new sites, product review sites, or influencer recommendations. Also, most customers will not try a new retailer if their friends and family give it a poor review. Encourage current customers to spread the word about your brand by offering discounts for friends and family using a customer’s exclusive code. It’s a win-win for everyone!

End the summer with a bang by giving your strategy a facelift. The slow season will be over before you know it; the holidays are just around the corner! There is never a time that your strategy can’t be improved, whether it’s something small or a drastic change. Let’s get to work!

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