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Cheap Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses

November 12, 2021
July 13, 2023

Cheap Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses

Cheap marketing solutions are few and far between, but for those small business owners out there, there are some things you can do to give your local business a leg up on your competition.

How can I Market my Small Business for Free?

Living in the digital age, this is a simple question. There are endless ways to answer questions about small business marketing with so many free solutions online. To begin let's mention the clear obvious, social media. Social media has become the ultimate free advertising central in today's market for nearly every industry. With hundreds of platforms to choose from, as long as you are posting ethical content, you are sure to get a reach to some potential customers. Choosing the right platform is one part of the equation, as you want to match its users with your target customers, while the other piece is great content. Aside from clear pictures and witty informative captions and posts, be sure to have an overall strategy mapped out, figure out what exactly to post, at what times and how to schedule content to be organized and useful. The social network works extremely well for small businesses, as customers will talk, share and promote your business as well as social media, make sure to keep it updated with crisp fresh content.

How Can I Use Social Media to Market My Business?

As social media is the ultimate free resource for marketing a small business, there are plenty of other budget-friendly options and strategies to help you out. A website can be key to providing information to customers, as well as helping with a search result. Being found in the billions of searches on engines like Google and Bing can be critical as it is so easy to get lost on page 389. Make sure you are utilizing keywords to help stay at the top of the search results and crafting great meta descriptions to attract clicks to the site. Google Adwords and Moz are great tools to check that you are getting the most out of your content and keywords. While finding the traffic to the site is a necessity, making sure your site is up to date and marketable is another element which often slips through the cracks of small businesses. Starting from the top like an easy to remember and simple to type URL, to a clean user experience site with the right information in easy to find spots. Tools to help track click-through rates and page views are easily found on sites like Google Analytics, where you can see what pages and information is being utilized the most so you can duplicate it and grow, helping to obtain more customers or sales.

For help with low budget online marketing for small businesses, Red Shark Digital has put together local search marketing packages. Great for those in need of boosting their online traffic, local SEO, or analytical tracking, take a look at the elements of our three-tier packages and how they can help your small business grow.

Local Search Marketing Packages

Part of building a local search directory citation includes the task of getting listed on thousands of local directories worldwide such as Angie’s List, Yelp, SuperPages & TripAdvisor. As this can be a time-consuming task, making sure your wording is going to capture as many customers as possible is where Red Shark has the experience and expertise to help your small business grow. We are certified to create and manage your Google My Business account, as well as Bing local and Apple Maps Profiles, in addition, to removing all harmful duplicates listings.

Drive Traffic

While running a small business is time-consuming enough, don't stress about specific marketing tactics, instead of handing the task off to someone who is sure to be able to achieve successful results and drive traffic to your sites and pages. We offer weekly custom Google My Business posts, facebook posts, and monthly blog posts to help bring in those searching for your products and services offered.

Paid Search Advertising

If you are unsure how to begin setting up paid search advertising, or not sure how much to budget out for it, we can help with Google search ads, Google local service ads, and Google Map ads. Google and Yelp reputation monitoring is the last thing you should need to worry about with the hustle of running a small business.


Website building, hosting and management is an area of expertise for Red Shark, as we have employees who specialize in UX and UI design and development. Have a responsive Wordpress site crafted for your small business with the ideas you want in mind. For website management, receive a domain purchase with annual renewal, three emails with your domain name, and up to two hours per month of support and updates.

For more information on how these three tiers of local search marketing packages can benefit your small businesses sales, contact Red Shark Digital to get started.

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