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Black Friday & Cyber Monday on Google Ads

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Black Friday & Cyber Monday on Google Ads

Red Shark Digital

As Thanksgiving is quickly approaching later this week, Google is helping advertisers amp up for the two busiest holiday shopping days of the year, Black Friday and, Cyber Monday. Google has the advertiser in mind with these new ad formats that stem from one of Google's current ad extensions, promotions extensions. Now enough with all the chit-chat, let me tell you what the experiment is, how you can join, and why you should care!

What is this Experiment You Speak Of?


Now through November 27th, Google is working with advertisers to help them increase brand exposure on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Essentially, through use of the promotion extensions available on Google Ads, you will get a chance to secure the top of the search results when a user searches things such as "Black Friday deals." As you can see from the example search, your ad may be one of the few lucky ones that get to appear atop all search results just be enabling this new feature.

So, How Can I Participate?

Getting in on this test is fairly easy, however, there is no guarantee that your promotion will actually show in the results. To use the new ad format, all you have to do is create promotion extensions under the Black Friday or Cyber Monday label. After you have done so, you will need to create an ad group to target users searching for things such as Black Friday deals, Black Friday bargains, etc. Once you've completed both of these steps, it's time to sit back, relax, and maybe say a little prayer that your ad group is competitive enough to be showcased in the top spots amongst all deals.

Why Should You Care?

Well let me state the obvious here, people are going to be searching for these terms so why wouldn't you want your location to appear on the list? In fact, Google has confirmed that 100 percent of searches for "Black Friday" last year took place between November 19th and November 25th. Participating in this experiment could result in your business acquiring hundreds of new customers during this highly competitive time for digital advertising. Now don't just sit here twiddling your thumbs, get on over to Google Ads and enable those extensions!

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