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Amazon Fashion Pages Have Unlocked the Secret to Driving Sales

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Amazon Fashion Pages Have Unlocked the Secret to Driving Sales

Alaina Corsini

Purchasing clothing has been a part of our routine for quite some time. As technology has become more prevalent, 27.4% of clothing is being bought online. Many stores today have online stores, and Amazon has been trying to compete. They have been expanding to carry more brands and developed in-house brands. Between May and August of 2018, 89,000 clothing product pages were studied on Amazon. Men and women’s clothing, shoes and jewelry at all price points were apart of this study, and the results were clear. If you are looking to drive the sales of your product, follow in Amazon’s footsteps.

Every Price Point is Different

Clothing comes at all price points, and every price point focused on something different. When looking at the basics, the clothing that is priced at $15 and under needed descriptions. Low prices are great, but customers will question if the low price means low quality. The title of your product is what lured them in. The title should match the description so the customer doesn’t have to read much into the description to know what they’re getting. Your product page should build trust with the customer. Have a description and multiple pictures so the customer has a better idea of what they are purchasing.

When you move up to the $15-30 range, the customer needs to visualize before buying. Images are really needed to sell at this price point. Using images on a model at multiple angles and environments will give them a better idea of what the item will look like on. They also need to see the product up close. With an up-close picture, there is nothing to hide. The customer can see how the product is made and get an idea of the fabric without having to read the item details and description.

The items priced at $30-60 and higher need details. A customer needs to be sure an item will fit if they are going to spend that type of money without trying on. A good start to your product page is a sizing chart. Next, you’re going to want to add a detailed description that is still easy to read and not too wordy. Incorporate bullet points to list the material details, how it fits and a good product description.  

The Customer Needs Trust

Photos and product descriptions are all you can do as a brand to showcase your product. You know you have high-quality products, so you need your products to speak for themselves. Showcase your reviews and star ratings! When others are raving on about how great your product was, this can easily encourage other buyers. The top selling products on Amazon had 225-613 review counts. Any product that had less than 50 review counts was seen as “poor-performing”. A product can have a 4.0 star rating, but without reviews that means nothing to a potential customer.

Fashion apparel sales are expected to reach $118 billion in 2019- the largest category of total e-commerce sales, according to eMarketer. Brands have a great opportunity to take advantage of technology and sell online. With the right marketing techniques, you can increase customer engagement and boost your sales.

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