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Advertising Your Business Through Content Marketing

November 11, 2021
May 1, 2023

Advertising Your Business Through Content Marketing

Alex Kettler

When it comes to marketing your business, content is key. Content marketing is a tactic used by businesses both small and large to not only grow their audience base, but to increase their brand’s name recognition as well. As a top advertising agency Raleigh NC, Red Shark Digital encourages all of our clients to incorporate content marketing into their overall marketing strategy. Not only will it increase your business’s recognition and build consumer trust, it will also allow you to identify your consumer’s complaints and speak to how your products or services solve those issues. After publishing your own content, you can then create additional assets like infographics or videos that can continue to be used across multiple channels to market yourself. So where should you start? Red Shark Digital advertising agency Raleigh NC is here to explain a few ways to get your content marketing strategy started with a bang!


Creating a blog is the easiest way to kickstart your business's content marketing strategy. Not only is it free, it also will help to establish yourself as an industry leader. Simply start by writing about your company, your employees and their experience, and most importantly, what you offer to your clients that sets you apart from the competition. This is a great place to detail out your products and services, while answering frequently asked questions and using keywords that will help you advertising agency Raleigh NC drive traffic back to your website.

Build Your Social Media Presence

If your company isn’t on social media already, then what are you waiting for? You should be where your audience is! But being present won’t be enough - you also have to be active on these platforms to build a good rapport with your customers! This is where content marketing through an advertising agency Raleigh NC comes into play: Reach your specific set of consumers with specific interests through your content.

Email Newsletters

Sending out a periodic newsletter, whether it is monthly or quarterly, is another easy way to reach your consumers with the help of content marketing. They alert your readers to new products, upcoming events, industry-related news, and any other notable business-adjacent happenings. As a top advertising agency Raleigh NC, we encourage all businesses to offer periodic newsletters made up of content marketing. Ask users on your website to enter their email address to stay in the loop so you can reach them when necessary.

Stay On Top Of It All With A Content Calendar

Once you have managed to get all of these content marketing strategies up and running, it is vital that you stay organized with a content calendar. Red Shark Digital advertising agency Raleigh NC recommends creating monthly content calendars to plan out the upcoming month to help you and your marketing team stay on top of what is coming up. Maintain that trust and loyalty you have created with your audience by delivering when you say you will. This allows your readers to get comfortable with a schedule of content and to build continued trust and familiarity with your brand.

Red Shark Digital | Advertising Agency Raleigh NC

Content marketing is just one of the many digital strategies we advise our clients to participate in when trying to build their brand and audience. For more information or to inquire about the content marketing services we offer, reach out to your friends at Red Shark Digital advertising agency in Raleigh NC today!

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