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Advertising to the 21st Century

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Advertising to the 21st Century

Abby Costello

Most 21st-century digital consumers process information with a quick glance that seems to last just half of a second. If a title doesn’t grab a user’s attention immediately, they will move on to something that does. The attention span of the average ad viewer is growing shorter and shorter as time progresses, so how can you captivate them with your digital marketing tactics? Here’s how:

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Use simple and concise wording to tell your viewers why they should pay attention to your ad. Provide a simple concept that will keep them holding on, like a new feature of your product or a problem with a competitors’ product that your product can solve. You could also use a strong customer testimonial or an exciting image to spark their interest. When creating graphics we aim to highlight the business while providing simple wording to not crowd the ad. Our Walton Academy ad does a great job of generating user interest while catching the eye with bright colors.

Digital Advertising Best Practices

Every digital advertising platform has a set of rules, but not just the formal ones. Messages can be articulated very differently on different platforms, so know the style of each. Something you would tweet may be worded very different than something you would post on your LinkedIn profile. Make sure your formatting is correct, avoid duplicate content, and share high-quality, legally owned images.

Personalize Ad Content

Make your content more interesting to your audience by personalizing it. Pay-per-click ads are a good option because platforms such as Facebook and Google have metrics that can track your ads’ performance. However, be sure not to cross the line when potentially sensitive information comes into play. Be considerate about the things you send targeted ads or emails about.

Visuals & Interactive Elements

You can’t go wrong with content that sparks visual interest. Infographics and charts are two great tools to utilize as they provide a good chunk of information in a small format. You could even create interactive quiz flowcharts to assist in finding customers the product they need. This will create a real interaction rather than just passive viewing.

If you want the most successful marketing techniques, start by figuring out how to keep it short and sweet. These super-quick attention spans are the new norm, and it probably won’t be changing anytime soon. For more help with digital advertising, contact Red Shark Digital.

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