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Shifting Creative During a Pandemic

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Shifting Creative During a Pandemic

Red Shark Digital

It’s no shock to anyone that advertiser’s have seen the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic in many ways. From decreased spending to lack of engagement, you may be wondering what creative shifts are taking place during this time are taking place. Don’t stress, as your leading digital marketing agency providing creative services Greenville NC. We have highlighted the latest creative trends advertisers must be aware of to see great engagement during these troubling times.

Before we dive into the list of different trends to be cognizant of, let me do some shameless self promotion. If you are so over having to keep up with the different creative trends during this time, reach out to our team. We would love to take that stress off your shoulders and help you reach effective and appropriate creatives during this time. Now back to what you came for, the biggest creative shifts happening thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Depiction of Education

It’s no secret that what is to come of the next school year contains more unknowns than a game of Clue. This is why, depicting education in your creatives, paired with traditional learning environments have been on a steady decline since the COVID-19 outbreak began. If you are working within the education industry, you should focus your creative efforts on non-traditional efforts, showcasing online and remote learning, highlighting your ability to make remote learning work. Failure to do this, could leave a bad taste in your audience’s mouth, and prevent them from converting.

Social Distance in Person AND Online

Yes, you read that right! Your ad creative needs to follow the CDC guidelines they have in place when going out in public. If you are a physician therapist, for example, you need to show practitioners wearing masks and practicing social distancing. There have been more and more advertisers shifting to promote social distancing through their advertising and having your creative follow suit, is a great way to continue to engage an audience that may already be weary to using your service during this time.

Self-Care Creative Services Greenville NC

Did you know that since March, keywords with the terms such as “rest,” “sleep,” and “self-care” are seeing CPCs increase by at least 50% in most markets? That is because during this time, many people who are following guidelines as necessary are taking extra care of themselves. Now what you should do is take this concept from CPC and apply it to the creative you push out in all channels.

Wear a Mask, and Talk About It

Use your platform for a greater good. Studies have shown that most Americans agree with mask mandates and the data backs this claim that by wearing a mask we could control this virus. Use your creative to tell this story. Many Americans are judging your company by its response to the pandemic. Showcase that you are abiding by the recommendations and see your intake increase. It's as simple as that.

Return to Center - Family

People want to be with their families, and advertisers have been talking about that. Ads containing the word “family” have dramatically increased in popularity throughout this pandemic. Likely because with there being so many unknowns, Americans who are taking the virus seriously know that nothing is promised. Highlight the family aspect of your company and its services. It will not go unnoticed.

Creative Services Greenville NC

With things changing so drastically on the turn of a dime in this pandemic, don’t sit around and stress what you should, and shouldn’t do for your brand. Contact the pros at Red Shark Digital, premier digital marketing agency Greenville NC and let us help you craft killer creative that will resonate with users during a pandemic.

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