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HUGE*** Graphic Designers You Should Know

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

HUGE*** Graphic Designers You Should Know

Red Shark Digital

OH SH*T that’s some good design. These designers are absolutely c r a z y when it comes to their abilities and talents. I know there are tons of famous graphic designers out there but these three designers have some of the strongest reputations to date. Between branding, identity, logo design, and marketing, these three excel at all of it. Literally ALL of it. All. of. It. If you’re a designer or simply interested in design – these are the people doing it right.

Josef Müller Brockmann

Josef Müller Brockmann is a world-renowned Swiss designer. He was the first graphic designer to invent the modern day grid system which paved the way for all graphic designers that came after him. Like what would we even do if there wasn’t a grid system?! I don’t know how anybody could have functioned in the design world without it. Well..I guess they survived without computers for a while. So I’m sure they managed. Josef’s work shows a distinctive set of priorities. That’s a very important part of design. There’s a big difference between throwing information on a poster and actually designing the poster with a defined hierarchy of elements. Josef Müller Brockmann kicked ass at getting you to see what he wanted you to see AND in what order. A serious legend.

Paula Scher.

Two words. BAD. ASS.

Paula Scher is oneof the nineteen partners of the infamous Pentagram (the world’s largest independent design consultancy). Pentagram is a huge deal. HUGE*** Named after its original five partners, hence the shape of the pentagram. Five points. You get it. Does it ever immediately make anyone else think of witchcraft and sorcery or is it just me? Regardless, Paula Scher is known for creating full blown identities for companies and organizations. For example, she created an entire brand identity for the High Line in Manhattan, New York and The Public Theater. She is innovative and has over four decades worth of experience in the design world. She has also designed logos for famous brands such as Citi Bank, MoMa, and Microsoft Windows. She is an expert in typography of all sorts which she includes in her enormous hand painted maps.

P.s – If you have Netflix, you can learn all about Paula and her team at Pentagram in the Netflix series Abstract, episode 6.

Bill Bernbach

Bill Bernbach was one of the three founders of DDB, or Doyle Dane Bernbach. DDB was founded in the 50s and still carries some of the strongest design pieces out there. Although Bill is famous for many things, the one that stands out the most is the Volkswagon advertisement campaign. During this time period cars weren’t viewed the same way they are now. Now, to me anyways, a car is to get you from point A to point B and not self-combust or catch on fire. I mean sure its great if you have a fancy car, but most people nowadays don’t. In the 50’s and 60’s? It was a complete fashion statement. Fast, big, shiny, and stylish is what people wanted around this time. Which means it’s the exact opposite of what the Volkswagen Beetle was. Bill had a super intense task to complete. I mean this was a post WWII car that was associated with hitler and Americans are supposed to want to purchase this over an American made car? Bill came up with one of the most iconic advertisements of all time. The “Think Small” campaign. He basically insulted the car and was brutally honest in his descriptions saying “presenting America’s slowest fast back,” including a tiny depiction of the car. It’s confusing and hilarious – which is why people paid attention. What kind of advertisement would actually seem to insult their own product? Then after the ads told you how the VW wasn’t anything like these other cars, which seems confusing, they then express how it’s a good thing. It was brilliant. Seems like it worked, the VW’s are still around and going strong, appearing in many movies and causing many sore arms all across the country.

SO. Now that you’ve been briefed a little on these designers– Was I right or was I right?! Like oh my gawd. These designers have and continue to make such a big difference in the design world. The work they complete is never below excellent and it’s certainly a game changer. I will continue to look up to these designers and learn from all they’ve done.

*** Inclines word should be read in Donald Trump’s Voice.

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