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HTML5 Animated Ads - Made Easy!

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

HTML5 Animated Ads - Made Easy!

Red Shark Digital

As the graphic designer here at Red Shark, one of my main tasks is creating engaging advertisements for the wide variety of clients that we provide digital marketing Greenville NC services. The ad building process usually begins with collecting information and assets from our digital strategists that have been given to us by the client. Once we have a clear understanding of what needs to be marketed and who it should be targeted to, I can then move into the layout and design of the ads themselves.

Switching It Up

Back when I first started, we relied heavily on programs such as Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, and even Adobe Illustrator to build static, unresponsive ad sets. However, recently we have switched things up in order to offer more dynamic and appealing advertisements to our customers. After doing our research and working hands-on within a variety of different platforms, we ultimately decided that Bannersnack was our most ideal match.

Bannersnack is a browser-based HTML5 banner maker, used to develop animated and responsive content of all sizes in minutes! It comes packed with ready-made banner templates, preset animations, and free stock photos that can all be accessed right in their library. With a seemingly endless catalog of ad templates, finding inspiration is no more than a scroll away. Being able to make professional-looking HTML5 ads without having to write a single line of code is what initially attracted us to the program. Another great attribute, as I mentioned before, is the fact that it is all browser-based. This basically means I, or anyone else on our team involved in digital marketing Greenville NC, can log into the account from any computer at any time, anywhere, and have complete access to everything they would need.

Favorite Features

One of my personal favorite aspects of Bannersnack is the “add or remove sizes” feature. When we used to use Photoshop, for example, creating one ad would take no time - although after approval, building the entire set became a task. Between resizing copy and moving images, the entire process would take forever. Luckily, with Bannersnack we can create our initial ad with all of our elements and simply select what other sizes we’d like to build out, and it does the rest (for the most part). This drastically reduces the amount of time spent building ads, which in turn results in a more timely upload to platforms like Simiplifi and Adroll. Long story short, it is a win-win for both myself as the designer and our digital marketing Greenville NC client by getting them out of our hands and onto the web!


Like most other programs, Bannersnack allows us to upload our own assets right to our library, such as client logos, images, and custom-made graphic elements from outside programs. Another big plus is ease of organization. I am big on making sure everything is in the right place - with Bannersnack, it has never been easier. Within their built-in library, we are able to organize assets and ad sets by client name, date, and file type. This is extremely helpful for times where a quick change needs to be made, or pictures need to be swapped out.

Ad Creation | Digital Marketing Greenville NC

To say the least, we have really been enjoying Bannersnack for our ad creation needs. Not only does it allow us to work faster, it also lets us deliver a more outstanding final product to our clients. I mean, who doesn’t like animations? If you are interested in learning more about the capabilities of Bannersnack check them out at (I promise this isn’t an ad. I really do love this program).

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