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Graphic Designers - Are They Needed?

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Graphic Designers - Are They Needed?

Red Shark Digital

Graphic design can be the difference between exposure and recognition or complete failure. It isn’t just a pretty picture or a creative post, it’s a way to reach your current and future audience. What if you don’t capture them at first glance, how many chances do you have to keep trying? Truthfully, usually zero. Our world is all about capturing attention. It’s fleeting at best; if you lose your chance, you’ve likely lost it forever. At what cost? Depends on the cost of each interaction you have, but whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 500, you simply cannot afford to lose attention. That is how you build and maintain your business.

Graphic Designers

How does graphic design come into play? Not everyone is a graphic designer. Though judging by a quick glance at the internet, there are many who think that they are. Graphic design is a skill, and it can be taught, but it is mainly something that either comes naturally or doesn’t. Ever had a bad haircut? That stylist was licensed and went to school to be taught how to cut hair, but that doesn’t necessarily make them good. Graphic design is one of those things that is just in your blood, or it’s not. We’re getting off track here; if you own or run a business, you NEED a graphic designer. Whether it is an in-house designer, a freelance designer, or an agency like Red Shark Digital in Greenville, NC. Graphic design is pertinent to your success.

What can a graphic designer do for you and how can they REALLY make you successful? Take for example, you are searching for a company that makes custom hats. You search the internet and there are SO many options. You choose your top 3, but 2 of them have boring websites with no clear branding or logo and one doesn’t stand out from the other. The third website has a great representation of their products, an awesome logo, and really out of the box marketing materials. You are obviously going to pick that one because they stand out. This is only one example, there are so many.

Consistency & Intention

Graphic design is the one thing that really boasts consistency, or should, within your business. It’s the first thing that people see, and continue to see, coming from you. Not only that, graphic designers are strategic. To you, it may seem like they’re making something cool or flashy or pretty just to make it pop out. While, yes, of course they want what they do to stand out, they also are intentional with why they do things certain ways and what they create. Graphic design captures attention, tells a story, and draws people in. It is memorable and speaks for your business. It is done through shapes, colors, textures, fonts, and so much more.

The Gift of Graphic Designers

Still don’t think you need a graphic designer on hand? Graphic designers create marketing materials, first touch materials, your letterheads, your email signature, your business cards, your brochures. They make your brand come to life and then they run with it and paint it on everything that has your name on it. They design your website and tell the story and convert visitors to clients. They communicate to your audience without ever actually speaking to them by creating creative and professional design. One of the coolest things that graphic design does is it builds excitement around who you are, who you’re striving to be, and importantly helps with your staff buying into that excitement. What is better than not only having pride in your brand but the people working for you having pride in that brand as well?

Now that you’re ready to get started with a graphic designer to see the endless possibilities for your business, check out the coolest agency in Greenville, North Carolina with some of the best graphic designers around. Let us show you how Red Shark Digital can put your brand on the map by creating a graphic design strategy.

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