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Graphic Design for Local Businesses

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Graphic Design for Local Businesses

Red Shark Digital

Almost all small business owners are known for their ability to wear many different hats - they sell, market, manage customer service, make coffee, and even write blog posts just for fun. Being this jack of all trades for your small business is often viewed as an advantage of being self-employed, with complete control of every aspect of your business, but it can also put you at a disadvantage. For many, graphic design gets placed on the back burner due to the misunderstanding of its importance and how it could help small businesses grow. Smaller, local businesses will continue to fall down this path of handling all of the above-mentioned tasks and responsibilities while attempting to save money by not investing properly in their creative department. We all like to think we can channel the power of Bob Ross and magically produce some happy little trees in the form of creative assets, but nothing really compares to the effectiveness of professional designers. Designers that have years of creative experience, education, and industry know-how are capable of creating incredibly effective designs for small businesses. Now, let’s have a look at some of the reasons why graphic design for local businesses can help you propel your small business to the top and why you should consider hiring a professional for your graphic design needs.

The Long Haul

It only makes sense that the more experience a designer possesses, the more money it’s going to cost you for his or her services. Now, I like to think about this principle in a more modern and relatable sense.Let’s say that I’m in the market for a tattoo of my beloved dog, Nelly, and I’m currently seeking out artists who can accurately and professionally immortalize her cute face on my arm. Am I going to go to a new artist who’s only been doing body art for a year or so, or am I going to go to his mentor who has years of experience and an expansive portfolio of artwork?Not just for the sake of this example, but for the figuratively permanent dog tattoo that’s going on my arm, I would choose the mentor every day. By choosing the mentor in this scenario, I can almost guarantee a design that will last the test of time, clean lines, accurate portrayal, and professionalism all for just a couple hundred dollars more. This is how I achieve peace of mind. The same principle can be applied to graphic design for local businesses. If you save money by letting your “marketing intern” create your website and marketing collateral, it’s going to look like your marketing intern made your website and marketing collateral. If you put your small business's graphic design needs in the hands of a professional designer, they understand that good design is built to last, and by spending more money upfront, you’re going to end up saving more down the road. Our professional graphic designers won’t look for shortcuts, and they understand that giving you complete files, in various formats, and more control over various graphic elements is the key to ensuring the longevity of your design. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

It’s All We Know

While you might find it a bit difficult to write that check for thousands of dollars on graphic designers, there’s no arguing just how much more effective they are at creating design elements that actually work.

Graphic Design for Local Businesses | Red Shark Digital

Our graphic designers have so much more to bring to the table than just a good looking website homepage adorned with pretty graphic elements; they understand how design elements work most effectively for both you and your consumers. There is a science behind the madness. Graphic designers are first and foremost researchers and diligent note-takers -- they’re listening to your needs as well as researching the industry for best use practices, consumer expectations, and most current on trends, statistics, and what other industry professionals are talking about. While all of this may seem inconsequential to you and your local business, there truly is no better way to show the people just how serious you are about whatever it may be that you do. Providing people with a polished appearance and effective design adds a highly sought after sense of credibility. With that being said, contact Red Shark Digital for graphic design for local businesses!

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