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Before You Brand

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Before You Brand

Matt Mitchell

We now live in a world that is filled to the brim with brands, companies, businesses of all shapes and sizes. In the past, starting a company and developing a brand seemed like a daunting endeavor that required large amounts of energy and capital. But today, people everywhere are starting businesses right out of their own homes. And because of the rise of digital advertising, marketing your service to consumers requires fewer man-hours and can even be done through social media. In theory, the game of marketing and branding has become a lot easier to dive into. However, since the buy-in is so small, there are way more players sitting at the table. So how do you level up against your competitors? We’ll go through how to put yourself ahead before investing in a logo or branding kit.

First Things First

Before getting deep into my thoughts on this matter, we should establish a definition of what exactly branding is. Your company’s ‘brand’ is not the same thing as your company’s business. Your brand is the face of your company. It’s how people talk about your service or product. It’s how collateral created by your company look and feel. Also, it’s whether all of these things are perceived well by your consumers.

Having a good understanding of what branding is gives you a competitive edge right off the bat. Some business owners are outstanding at providing a service but have trouble keeping the lights on because nobody knows that they do so. Developing a successful product or providing a great service takes a lot of time and energy. The key to successfully building a long-lasting brand is to put this same amount of energy into making sure your company is perceived well by the consumers you are marketing towards.

Have A Voice

Before you can start promoting your brand, its worthwhile to find your voice. Most people don’t enjoy being sold a generic product. Well, truthfully we are sold general products and services all the time. But the products we are naturally drawn to don’t seem like they were produced for the masses. It’s in our nature to always be on the lookout for the next best thing. We have this innate instinct to identify with companies that offer something that make us feel unique or ahead of the curve. We fall victim to generic advertising every day that we just skip over or scroll past. Ask yourself when is the last time you didn’t skip over one of those ads? I guarantee the last time one of those caught your attention was because it was crafted to appear as if it was speaking specifically to you.

Before you pour any money into making a logo or starting an ad campaign there are some questions you need to answer. I know it sounds ridiculous, but imagine your company as if it was a real living and breathing person. What does your company look like or dress like? Is your company edgy or rebellious? Where was your company born and how has this influenced it? Answer as many of these questions as possible. This will help you establish who you are as a company and who your consumer is.

Speak to the Likeminded

Now that you’ve established what type of culture is tied to your company your next step is marketing towards individuals that have similar values. Let’s take tech giant Apple for an example. From the start, they put their efforts into marketing towards the consumer that other tech companies wouldn’t. They intentionally decided not to market to the traditional users of computers like accountants and established business professionals. Instead, they connected with creatives and youth. They could have easily tried to go after the consumers who were already committed to Microsoft. Instead, they carved out new territory in the market place. Along with providing a great product, they established a deep connection with a unique clientele. Eventually, others wanted to feel like they were in this exclusive club. This is how their products trickled into everyone's homes and pockets. By finding what’s unique about your company and consumers, you can do the same thing. Before you can become a mega-corporation, focus on building a brand that will appeal to the ones who align with your company's values the most.

Putting The Pieces Together.

By now you know that branding is so much more than throwing together a logo slapping it on a couple of social posts. Everything that is associated with your brand should be thoughtfully designed to amplify what's special about your company. We suggest partnering with professionals and investing in a brand kit that’s going to truly set you apart from the rest. Lucky for you, you can put your trust in us to lend a helping hand. You can rely on us to first, discover why your business is unique, and secondly give you a brand that’s just as special. With offices in both Raleigh and Greenville, NC, our team of branding experts can help you craft and fine-tune your brand. Visit our website to check out our latest digital marketing agency case studies.

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