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Aesthetics in Web Design

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Aesthetics in Web Design

Red Shark Digital

Many entrepreneurs and even business owners that have been in their respective industry a long time - have a misconception about website design. Business owners make the common mistake of designing a site that appeals only to THEM, rather than thinking about the USER. These users are your prospects and future clients. Looking cool and suiting your purpose are two different mindsets, but finding the balance between both is crucial. Looking at the aesthetics of your web design from an outsider’s perspective is the best way to get a better insight of what your website lacks.

Why Is Website Design Important?

Having a website design that is visually appealing is important, but it should not be the priority. You have to focus on other parts of the website that are more focused on functionality and user-friendliness. A well designed website should satisfy your customer's need when searching on your page, attract search engines, and avoid technical glitches. All of these should be placed at similar importance to the aesthetic side of the web design process. Also one must consider that all people have different tastes. “You can be the ripest apple in the bunch, but there’s always gonna be someone who hates apples.”


This is the navigation of your website design, it shouldn’t jump all over the place and have too many boxes or text. The UI (User Interface) should be simple, to the point, and organized (please). Easy for customers to find exactly what they are looking for. Links should be driven to pages that put them in a position to take action.


Your website should reflect your brand, with your corporate colors and logo easily identifiable. Your website reflects how your brand presents itself and a clean, organized website shows a company that is on top of it’s game.


This depends on how exactly you want to present your company. Bright colors might attract attention, but the goal is to give off a good vibe and put your customers in the mood to buy. The color reflects the energy of your website. White is classic!


Keep your content consistent on each page, it will look more professional. Do not overwhelm your audience with a bunch of text on one page then underwhelm them with a few sentences on another. Keeping images and text evenly spaced out and relevant to your company is ideal. Your images also need to be authentic and original. Stock images are alright, but will show complacency. It is important to step outside the box to make an impact on visitors.


Does your message communicate the right signals to your audience? Answer any commonly asked questions about what you do, how you perform your work, and what the cost associated with your work is. These are important questions that potential customers need to be aware of. They want a quality product with quality people behind that product or service. Make sure your message is communicated clearly or they will go to a competitor that has better delivery.

Social Media Connection

Making sure to link to various social media sites in which you are actively posting as well as connecting with customers is ideal. This way, customers can be updated through social media and see what your company culture is like. Check out the 2019 Social Media Trends that you need to be on top of.

What Can Red Shark Digital do for Your Website?

The aesthetics of your website design is important and displays the way your business operates. From content creation to the way your site is mapped out are key to designing a website that flows smoothly. Red Shark Digital won the Davey Awards for best website design for one of our clients Red Town Management. If you would like to have an award-winning website with an innovative digital agency, contact us here.

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