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2019 Social Media Trends

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

2019 Social Media Trends

Matt Mitchell

New year, the same story am I right? Similarly to 2018, social media is going to continue to grow in 2019. With all sorts of new influencers and tools popping up, being on top of your social media game can really make or break your business. Which is why I am here to help you what I like to call a social media revamp, or a list of 2019 social media trends you can use to make sure your social media game is on fire in the new year. So enough small talk, let’s dive in.


Everyone loves a good story. I mean hey, even when we were kids, our desire to hear a bedtime story was there and now as consumers, we are still looking for that story. The only difference is, we want a brand to tell us a story to provide insight as to what we are truly getting with their brand.

Social media is always changing and in the past few years we’ve seen storytime YouTubers gain their claim to fame, and it is time for your brand to do the same across all social media platforms!

Quality over Quantity

It’s 2019 and let’s face it, nobody cares if you post four times a day or three times a month, as long as the content you are sharing is engaging and relevant to the end user's life. There are very few brands that post all the time that most social media users actually resonate with. Keep that in mind when crafting your social calendars. Instead of pumping out fourteen posts, pump our 4 great posts with a lot of creativity and intent behind them.

Humanize Your Brand

Social media is about being social and with that means showing that you are a human. For this aspect, I recommend showing someone high in leadership’s face on a regular basis, whether it be through guest blogging, or even letting them crash the company’s Instagram story for a day. If you put a face to the brand you are likely to see higher engagement among social media users.

The First Person Selfie

If you are new to digital, this may be a little foreign to you, but in 2019 we are going to see so many more everyday users sharing selfie videos of themselves instead of posting text with images on their feeds. Because of this, your brand needs to add this type of content into your marketing plan, as many social media consumers are already watching their friend’s video content of the same caliber.

That’s a Wrap… For Now

Well, there ya have it, here a few tips to get you started in the new year. I’m sure as the year progresses there will be even more trends that develop that we will share with you all to keep you up to date. If you are in need of a helping hand to get your social media off the ground check out one of our social media packages or contact us today!

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