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What We’ve Learned from IGTV

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

What We’ve Learned from IGTV

Last week we let you guys know about a new update coming to Instagram featuring long-form video. With the release of the update yesterday, we’re going to take you through everything we’ve learned so far and how you can use it to grow your audience and your business.

Centralized Hub

When we last informed you, we knew the basics of the update. We knew what was going to be featured, but we were not sure where or how it would exactly work. From posting our own videos to the app, we’ve been able to better understand the update and provide you with all the details. The Instagram app now has a centralized hub located beside the direct message icon on the traditional platform, as well as its own free-standing app that links to your profile.

When you first click into the hub, you are greeted with a series of videos based on categories. These categories include videos picked for you, who you are following, what’s popular, or you can continue to watch videos you’ve started watching. You can utilize this feature whether you’re using your personal account or a business profile.

How it Works

IGTV allows creators to post 4k, full-screen videos to their channels. The videos have an hour time limit, making them way longer than the usual story highlight. The videos also have to be previously filmed before they can be uploaded. You can’t live stream events and have them appear on the platform. Similar to the story feature, IGTV allows you to interact with videos in a similar way. The new platform lets you easily click through different videos by tapping the screen.

While IGTV allows you to post higher quality and longer videos, it’s vertical orientation can arise problems for businesses. The videos take up the full screen of your phone in a vertical orientation, meaning if your video is landscape oriented your shot is going to get cut. When filming new content you will have to be aware of this obstacle if your intentions are to post to the new platform.


Partner involvement with social media influencers and major stars allowed for the release of IGTV to be prepared with a full library of content. Artists such as John Mayer and sports teams like the Carolina Panthers have already created channels full of content for users to view. Instagram stories also interact heavily with IGTV. This allows you to link a channel to your story and then users can swipe up to view it improving the user experience. You will also get notified whenever someone you follow posts a video keeping you informed and updated with new content. You can see an example of this below.


Utilizing It

If you already have a bunch of pre-filmed video content then utilizing IGTV for your business will be a breeze. The upload process is very simple and easy to use. Another interesting feature is that the app allows you to view analytics straight from your phone using View Insights. You can see views, likes, comments, and audience retention, as well as the active number of plays at particular times throughout the video. Currently, there is no news of how the platform will incorporate advertisements into the long-form video. This could eventually take the form of pre-roll or mid-roll advertisements.

IGTV has already grabbed the interest of users all over the world. Get started posting your long-form videos and target customers today. Check us out on Instagram and watch our latest videos on the new platform! Join our newsletter to stay up to date on marketing trends that will help you grow your business!

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