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Is Webflow Good for SEO?

November 12, 2021
August 8, 2023

Is Webflow Good for SEO?

Spencer Bunting

With its range of beneficial tools, Webflow significantly contributes to website performance for Webflow SEO rankings. While other builders and platforms can be upgraded or offer plugins that make working your site's SEO presence better, Webflow is the only one with this control baked into the default program. If you're anything like us, your site is likely competing against thousands of other companies within your industry. Utilizing a Webflow SEO expert is essential to ensure your Webflow website uses every aspect of a positive SEO strategy.

The Connection Between Webflow Design and SEO Strategy

The connection between Webflow design and SEO strategy lies in creating valuable content that satisfies user intent. The search algorithms prioritize relevant and helpful content to cater to users' needs. At the same time, the focus should always be on creating great content for human audiences rather than appeasing algorithms; having a basic understanding of technical SEO, Webflow 301 redirects, and structures that Google values are essential for success. Ask yourself this:

Is my website content adding value to your user's needs?

Ensuring your content adds value to a website user's needs is paramount for driving success in your Webflow SEO strategy. By crafting clear, relevant, and engaging content that addresses the user's intent, you create a positive user experience and foster stronger connections with your target audience. With Webflow's user-friendly design and effective SEO tactics, aligning your content with the user's needs enhances organic visibility, boosts website traffic, and ultimately drives the desired outcomes for your business.

Is my website responsive?

The answer will always be yes if your site is built on Webflow or by a Webflow agency. Responsive web design is the practice of adjusting your site's content and layout to the size of the screen/device it is accommodating. Google has moved to a mobile-first index, meaning your site's performance on mobile is more detrimental to your SEO success than your conventional desktop performance. A responsive website is essential for positive SEO results, and Webflow websites offer just that.

Am I incorporating relevant keywords into optimized content?

Using relevant keywords in optimized content for SEO on Webflow websites is crucial for improving search engine visibility and attracting targeted organic traffic. SERP-in data is the best place to turn to validate your keyword research. The best way to explain SERP-in content is to go to Google and begin typing in a keyword.

For example, take the keyword 'responsive website.' Do not submit the keyword, but notice the suggestions that appear in gray for the completion of the sentence. What shows up can be a significant determining factor if you are optimizing for the proper keywords to reach the appropriate needs of your intended audience.

Structuring Content for Efficient SEO Results

With our keywords validated and subject matter established, there are a few rules a Webflow SEO expert follows when structuring content. When asking, “Is Webflow good for SEO?” ensure every piece of content follows these criteria for optimal Webflow SEO results:

Developing Clear and Engaging Content

Clear and engaging content is vital in Webflow for SEO as users skim online content, looking for relevant headings and sections. Optimizing content by strategically placing focus keywords enhances user experience and increases the chances of retaining the audience's attention on your Webflow website. Utilizing the cmd/ctrl F function to search for the focus keyword and replacing non-essential words like 'It' with the keyword ensures that your content remains concise and impactful, further contributing to improved SEO performance.

Webflow Website Content Checklist:

  • SEO Meta Title
  • SEO Meta Description
  • Proper Usage of H1, H2 and H3 headers
  • Proper Keyword Placement
  • Image is Optimized
  • Solid Readability Score
  • Proper External and Internal Linking

Can my content be skimmed?

Studies show (What studies? No one knows.) that users often do not read online content entirely. Instead, they skim the content, looking for headings and sections that pertain specifically to the reason they clicked through to the page in the first place.

One way to test if the page content is properly optimized for the skim is, once completed, to perform a cmd/ctrl F and search the focus keyword of your content. After searching for the keyword, now search for the word 'It' and replace it with your keyword.

How to Reach SEO's Full Potential with Webflow Websites

Our Webflow agency utilizes all technical SEO tactics and tools from Webflow to enhance search engine results.

Analyzing Webflow 301 Redirects

In the dynamic world of web design, content, and pages may undergo rearrangement during site creation or redesign. Utilizing 301 redirects Webflow is essential to ensure SEO's full potential. These redirects act as forwarding addresses, guiding users from the deleted or modified URLs to the most relevant pages where the content now resides, preserving the site's integrity and maintaining its search engine rankings. By implementing best practices and setting up 301 redirects Webflow, as a Webflow SEO agency, we can ensure a seamless user experience and maximize the SEO benefits of content organization and updates.

Properly Optimizing Images

As mentioned in the Webflow website optimized content checklist, optimizing images are essential in website SEO. Here is a list for proper image optimization:

  • Images have alt text
  • Optimized image title name
  • Quality image descriptions
  • Adequately sized for optimal optimization efforts

Are subdomains better for SEO?

Short answer is no, subdomains are not better for SEO. As far as Google is concerned, subdomains are within a separate site category. Don't let this fact discourage you from using subdomains; however, it is imperative to understand that they must serve a specific purpose. Subdomains will not directly feed users into your primary site unless you have a robust internal linking system funneling traffic. One common mistake is when a company, whether for themselves or on behalf of a client, places its blog on a subdomain.

Do I need a 301 redirect?

Oftentimes, when creating a new site or redesigning an existing site, content and pages become rearranged. That's okay. The web isn't a fixed entity, nor is it concrete -  it is fluid and ever-growing.

A redirect is a forwarding address for a URL. Best practice states developers should install redirects upon the deletion of a page. A redirect allows its content to move to another URL. To preserve the integrity of a URL, we must direct its traffic to the new page where its content now exists. When content is removed from a page entirely, Webflow SEO agency developers set redirects to lead users to the most relevant page with content reflecting the now-removed content.

Does my site have a sitemap?

Not unlike responsive design, if you are using Webflow, you are already covered in the site map department. Webflow generates a sitemap automatically for each site created on its platform. A website's sitemap directs the spiders within popular search engines through the priority of your content as it crawls your site.

How do I track my website traffic?

Using Google Analytics to monitor website traffic will not directly contribute to your site's overall SEO success. It will equip you with the insights needed to understand your audience, traffic sources, and top-viewed pages and interactions.

Final Decision: Is Webflow good for SEO?

Webflow for SEO is an excellent marketing strategy, offering numerous business benefits. With Webflow websites, you can easily optimize content, ensure mobile-friendliness, utilize a 301 redirect Webflow process, and maintain a user-friendly design, which is crucial for SEO success. At the same time, Webflow generates sitemaps automatically! The sitemap guides search engine spiders through the priority of your content, facilitating efficient crawling and indexing of your site. With Webflow's built-in sitemaps, you can ensure that search engines can quickly discover and understand the structure of your website, enhancing its visibility and potential for higher rankings in search results.

Unlock a Webflow SEO Strategy to Enhance your Business with Red Shark Digital

Implementing effective SEO strategies within Webflow empowers businesses to improve search engine visibility, attract targeted organic traffic, and ultimately drive better results. This makes Webflow a powerful tool for companies looking to enhance their online presence and succeed in the digital landscape. From Webflow 301 redirects, adequately optimized content and a positive user experience ensure SEO is used to its full potential. To utilize Webflow SEO, contact our Webflow agency today and let our experts answer the question of the year; “Is Webflow good for SEO?”

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