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New in Webflow: CSS Property Additions In Designer

October 23, 2023
October 23, 2023

New in Webflow: CSS Property Additions In Designer

Mike Fenwick

At the recent Webflow Conf 2023, a buzz of excitement swept across our Webflow agency as a series of updates were announced, heralding a new era of design flexibility and ease. Among these, the announcement of the ability to add custom CSS properties within the Designer without the need for custom code emerged as a very exciting update. This feature is a dream come true for developers who have been creatively pushing the boundaries of Webflow using custom code. As a Webflow developer myself, the announcement resonates deeply, promising a realm of CSS possibilities now within an arm’s reach, right within the native UI design of Webflow.

Value of CSS Property Additions to Webflow Native UI

Webflow’s native UI has always been robust, encapsulating a wide range of popular CSS properties. However, the new feature of adding custom CSS properties is the cherry on top, empowering our Webflow agency to utilize CSS properties that were previously beyond the UI’s scope. This upgrade is not just a technical enhancement but a significant stride towards making Webflow a more inclusive and comprehensive tool for both seasoned developers and newcomers alike.

Custom CSS Properties for Text Formatting

Two CSS properties that captured my imagination are the 'clamp()' CSS function and the 'shape-outside' CSS property, both catering to text formatting. During the Opening Keynote, Vlad Magdalin masterfully demonstrated the application of these properties, showing how they can be game-changers in text styling.

"Webflow Conf 2023 Keynote" YouTube, uploaded by Webflow, 7 October 2023.
Accessed via Screenshot at timestamp 30:37

Clamp() CSS Function

The 'clamp()' CSS function, as detailed here, is a valuable asset when it comes to fluid typography. The clamp() CSS function dynamically adjusts the font size within a specified range based on the viewport size, making responsive design a breeze.

"Webflow Conf 2023 Keynote" YouTube, uploaded by Webflow, 7 October 2023.
Accessed via Screenshot at timestamp 29:08.

Shape-outside CSS Property

On the other hand, the 'shape-outside' CSS property, described in Mozilla’s developer documentation, allows text to flow around a shape, adding fluidity to the layout, something I can definitely see utilizing on future projects.

Workflow Improvements with Custom CSS Property Integration in Webflow

These properties were once the realm of custom code, but with the upcoming update, they will be seamlessly integrated into Webflow’s Designer, reducing the code clutter and making the design process more intuitive and enjoyable.

Webflow’s New Logo

Besides the custom CSS properties, the unveiling of a new Webflow logo, a refreshed Designer UI, a promising Webflow and Spline Integration, Site Localization, and the introduction of aspect ratios, and Variables, further testified to Webflow’s commitment to expanding the capabilities available to developers. Each update is a testament to Webflow’s relentless pursuit of empowering the community to create and innovate without barriers.

Upcoming Webflow CSS Property Rollouts

Webflow plans on rolling out these features in the coming months. The custom CSS properties, particularly, will open doors to a myriad of design innovations, fostering a culture of exploration and learning within the Webflow community. As developers eagerly wait to get their hands on these features, the future of design in Webflow shines brighter than ever, promising a journey of discovery, innovation, and ease.

Stay in the Know on Webflow Developer Updates with Red Shark Digital

The Webflow Conf 2023 didn’t just announce new features; it showcased a vision of a more flexible, intuitive, and collaborative platform that resonates with every creative soul in the Webflow community. As someone who breathes Webflow, the horizon has never looked more inviting and inspiring to Red Shark Digital as a Webflow agency. With the recent Webflow overhauls, there’s sure to be more to come, faster than before. Follow along with the latest digital marketing news and Webflow updates at Red Shark Digital.

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