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Top 10 Tips For Social Media Success

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Top 10 Tips For Social Media Success

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Social Media can be a very fun, informal, and informative form of communication with friends and customers. We’ve broken down our top 10 tips for a brand when they’re crafting their social media messages. If your social media accounts aren’t reaching your target market, hopefully, these tips will help to push your brand in the right direction.

Timing Is Everything

There are many blogs out there who state different times to post on various apps. We’ve scoured the internet looking for the best time of day for you to post. If you read the graphic down below, you’ll see the different periods of the day and which days you should post.

Consistency Is Key

If you’ve got the time of day down for posting, you should then follow that up with the number of times per day/week that a brand should post. We’ve created this graphic to help you identify time and consistency for posting.

Social Media Post Times

Hashtags Are Essential

By using the “#”, a brand can increase their awareness through the wording placed after the symbol. They allow for searchable phrases or words associated with other brands or people that have used the same tag. This allows you to connect with other people interested in the topic you are posting about. The symbol originated on Twitter but has spread through different mediums.

Hashtag Infographic

Tagging Other Business

If you’re brand works with other business nearby, it benefits both of you to tag the other one in any postings that may be relevant. Not only does it show up on your timeline, but it will appear on theirs that you tagged them. When it’s their turn, hopefully, they’ll tag you in return!

Pre-planning Helps Ease Stress

When it comes to planning your week, it might include a hair appointment, meetings, or what you want to eat at different meals. When it comes to social media, you should do the same. Creating content calendars and using planning platforms such as Hootsuite, Tweet Deck, and Planoly help keep your social calendars at the forefront of your mind while also keeping everything organized.

Reuse and Reduce

After you’ve created a blog post, how often should you post it before it “dies”? We’ve used our experiences and social channels to identify the best strategy for reposting your blogs before they become irrelevant.

Blog Posting Duration

Keep Your Branding the Same Across Channels

If your band has multiple social channels that it uses, be sure that you try and keep your username and image the same across the channels. We know it can be hard to get the same username across all social media platforms but try your best. You can always ensure the icons are the same between all the brand accounts. We suggest utilizing a simple logo that you use for your branding instead of a full name logo. See our example below!

Icon Photos: Wrong & Correct

Influencers: Know Them & Follow Them

Influencers are an excellent way to learn about different trends across your industry as well as who some of the movers-and-shakers might be. Following them on various social accounts will give you another insight on how to reach your customers. It might even be possible to have them promote your products.

Be Original & Don’t Fall Victim To Serial Sharing

It can be very easy to fall into a routine of resharing, tweeting, or regramming different material from other social participants out in the social sphere. However, it is important to keep it original with your words and images. The occasional share of someone’s content is fine and encouraged to show that person you appreciate their work. The only place serial sharing is acceptable is via Pinterest and pinning items on your boards. Better Homes and Garden pretty much rock's Pinterest with over 73,000 Pins and counting.

Better Homes & Garden Serial Pinning

Build Your Relationships

The number one, most important aspect of social media to remember is that it's about building relationships. These relationships can develop through Twitter chats, Snapchat stories, a Facebook video, or a hilarious meme on Instagram. They provide your brand a direct channel to the consumers who use your product or service every day. Understanding how to build and maintain relationships allows you to utilize and manipulate social media so you can better understand where your target market starts and ends.

Hashtag Meme

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