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How to Setup Facebook Messenger for Business

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

How to Setup Facebook Messenger for Business

Erin Porter

Facebook Messenger is no longer just used for chatting with friends. Facebook has expanded their messenger application, and it is now a great place for businesses to advertise to potential customers. Facebook sees 1.2 billion users a month. Displaying your advertisement through Facebook Messenger has the potential to skyrocket your sales.

Auto-Responses For Facebook Pages

Auto Reply Facebook Messenger

Customer service is crucial when it comes to running a successful business. Anyone who runs a business knows it’s a busy job, so customer service can’t be as efficient as it could be. Facebook Messenger is trying to change that.

The new messenger app is introducing auto responses. You can set a list of predetermined responses, and Messenger will send one of those responses immediately after receiving a message. Your auto-responses can include something like, “We’ll get back to you shortly”. Facebook allows 250 characters, so you can also include product deals and other special offers you may be running. The now informed customer may go look into those special deals while they wait for a response. Not only is this beneficial to the customer, but for your business as well. At the top of every business Facebook page, the message response time is posted. With the auto responses, your response time will be listed as, “100% response rate and short response time”. When a potential customer sees this, they will be more inclined to message you since they know they will get a response. Generating customer interaction is the first step to a potential sale.

Auto responses keep the customer and the business owner happy. When a customer receives a response instantly they will feel more at ease. They know their message has been received and they don’t feel ignored. Once they receive this auto response, this buys the business some time to generate the correct response without the pressure of knowing a customer is waiting. Running a business can get busy, and having an auto response makes customer service easier to handle, while keeping everyone happy.

Open Chat Automatically on Facebook Page

If you have viewed Facebook on your desktop lately, you may have noticed your messenger pop up on the corner of your screen everytime you click on a business page. Facebook has pushed Messenger to be an essential part of your business page. This new feature shows customers that they can directly message the company any questions and concerns they may have. Some people may have not known they could do this before, or never thought to because they were unsure if they would get a response. The business page also informs customers of how long it is expected for them to get a response, also encouraging them to message the company. When the messenger application is located right on the screen, a customer may be more inclined to ask a question if they know it is right there. Messaging is the easiest and fastest way to engage with customers to push for a sale.

How to Use Messenger as a Landing Page & Placement for Ads

Facebook Messenger Ad Placement

Advertisements are a direct line to your business. They promote your products or services to your potential customers. You work hard to make sure they’re eye-catching to try and bring in business. An ad can be great, but how well it performs is directly affected by its placement. Facebook Messenger now offers ad promotion on their app. You can decide where you would like to place your ads. Your ad can be seen right between a user's messages as a sponsored message, and on the landing page of Messenger. From here users can see your ad which could direct them straight to your business page to find out more information or even allow them to message you directly!

Social Media Management and Advertising

Red Shark Digital can transform your brand’s outreach and grow your social media platforms. We provide cross-channel marketing that can bring your brand to the next level. We can create advertisements that are distributed through all social media channels. Social media is the most popular platform to reach potential customers, and your ads can be seen by large groups. Social media is also the platform to use to grow your brand. We compile interest-based data to deliver relevant ads to potential customers. This more detailed version of ads has the potential to increase engagement at a faster rate, which will directly affect sales. We want to create content for your brand that will be eye-catching, and leave users wanting to learn more.

Facebook Messenger is changing the way businesses can interact with potential customers. They can catch a users interest a lot faster and keep them interested longer. For the users, interaction with businesses is becoming more personal which is boosting sales. Facebook is one of the most popular social media outlets, and it is changing the way customers do business.

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