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Red Shark Digital Launches Two Client Websites in One Day

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Red Shark Digital Launches Two Client Websites in One Day

Abby Costello

Red Shark Digital hits a double-whammy with two website launches today, a Webflow website redesign and a brand new build!

Ashaki International

The first was a Webflow website redesign for Ashaki International. The original website’s home page was not welcoming to potential customers and had lots of room for improvement. The site was quite bare, with only images and text. There was not a cohesive look across the entirety of the site, making it difficult for users and potential customers to get a good feel of the brand. Without concise branding, a huge piece of the puzzle was missing on the site.

This Webflow website redesign included giving the new Ashaki International site a natural, holistic feel that coincides with the values of their brand. With updated imagery, calming brand colors, animations, and e-commerce, the new Ashaki International website takes on a more reputable look that will entice users to explore the site and learn more about the benefits of their nature-based products.

Make sure to visit the new Ashaki International website!

Take a look at the old site:

And the new Webflow website redesign:

Fear Not Learning

We also launched a new Webflow website build for Fear Not Learning! This site features animations, testimonials, online scheduling, and overall responsive design that makes it easy for eager learners to book online tutoring sessions designed to fit their schedule and budget. We also handled logo and identity design for this client.

Visit the brand new Fear Not Learning website!

Here's a sneak peek of the new site:

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