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Optimize Your Instagram for SEO Raleigh, NC

November 12, 2021
April 30, 2023

Optimize Your Instagram for SEO Raleigh, NC

Abby Costello

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a great way to increase your site traffic. But have you thought about the fact that optimization can pay off beyond Google and other search engines? SEO is also useful for social media platforms, such as Instagram. SEO for social media can help you gain new followers, enhance sales, boost your engagement rate, and promote your account. Pages that are well-optimized on Instagram are ranked higher on the app, which attracts more active followers, drives engagement, and improves page trust score. Here’s what you need to avoid in order to keep your Instagram at the top of the rankings:

No Relevant Hashtags

Choosing related hashtags for your posts may not seem difficult, but many brands tend to overlook some important factors. First, they include irrelevant hashtags. You should absolutely be using hashtags for optimization, but be sure to do some research first. Check what hashtags your competitors are using, or accounts with similar content. Don’t use super popular hashtags that result in hundreds of thousands of posts; your content will get lost in the feed. Another mistake is not using hashtags at all. Hashtags help users search for your content and find your page on Instagram. Also, refrain from using the same group of hashtags for every post. Instagram considers this spam.

Not Using Alt Text

Utilize Alt Text on Instagram for your SEO efforts. To do so, scroll down the screen on the page in which you are writing the caption for your post. Click Advanced Settings at the bottom of the page, and you will then see Write Alt Text. Then create a description of what is in your photo, like “Golden retriever puppy.” The next time someone searches for this on Instagram, your image will appear in the results.

Unsearchable Username

Think of your Instagram username as a keyword. It should be short and distinctive, letting users know what your purpose is or what you have to offer. Don’t include irrelevant symbols. Think back on typical SEO rules; your username should sound like a search made by a target customer.

Your Page is Not Cohesive

The posts that you upload on Instagram should be logical, rather than posting whatever you feel like posting, whenever you feel like posting it. They should make sense in terms of timing, captions, hashtags, and visuals. Take into consideration the grid layout style of your page as well as your captions and hashtag relevance. You should post as often as you can and do so consistently. While there may not be a perfect time to post, you can find your niche by testing different approaches.

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