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Increase Your Twitter Following with Social Media Marketing Raleigh NC

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Increase Your Twitter Following with Social Media Marketing Raleigh NC

Kate Francis

There are a lot of social media platforms out there, and they're all used for a number of things. Facebook has just about everything. They have a place to post and apply for jobs, buy and sell things, create or join groups that pertain to your interests or hobbies, and of course, share thoughts, opinions, stories, and milestones. Instagram is curating itself into a content creating and video sharing app alongside Tik Tok. LinkedIn is similar to Facebook, but it's more centered around the sharing and job aspect of it. Some digital marketing services, like Red Shark Digital, can include Twitter in their social media marketing Raleigh NC plan.

Twitter isn't like other social media platforms. For starters, the main reason people use it is to connect people and for people to share thoughts and ideas. It's also more relaxed. There are fewer characters, which means tweets are brief and easy to read. It's also relatively easy to navigate and simple to use. You don't have to worry about making reels, guides, or as much visual content as you would with another platform. There are four buttons at the bottom; messages, notifications, search/for you, and the home page/timeline.

Because of Twitter's simplistic nature, it can be harder to gain more engagement and followers. It isn't impossible though; just like with other social media platforms, there are a few ways to gain followers and engagement on Twitter. Here are just a few ways to grow your Twitter account with social media marketing Raleigh NC.

Post Engaging and Eye-Catching Content

People love answering polls, so making polls that pertain to your account, services, products, or current news will help people to engage with your account. Even simple polls like the infamous, "Coke or Pepsi?" question can improve engagement on your account. It also helps that they're anonymous so you can't see what someone else said about it.

Visual content is a great way to stop the scroll with social media marketing Raleigh NC, meaning to catch the attention of people surfing the timeline. Since Twitter isn't necessarily known for being a photo app, something unique and colorful works wonders. However, it's not all just about photo sharing. It's also very easy to share links to other social media sites, websites, or online shops.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags on Twitter aren't usually used the same as on other platforms. Rather than a paragraph of hashtags in the caption or comments, hashtags should be used in the tweet itself. The more hashtags you use in your tweets, the more your tweet will show up in. However, a large number of hashtags take up your character count. Since you only have 280 characters to use in each tweet, it's important that you minimize the number of hashtags you use in the main tweet and only use a few of the more active hashtags

.You can see if a hashtag is active by clicking on the hashtag and seeing how often people use it. If the last 10 tags were within the last few seconds or minutes, then it's a good one to use. If it's uses are only by a few people or people don't use it too often, go with a different hashtag. Your social media marketing Raleigh NC agency, like Red Shark Digital, can help you with figuring out which hashtags to use and which ones to avoid.

Engage With Your Followers

Another way you can increase your own engagement and following is to engage and follow others. The more you engage with other accounts, the more they'll want to engage with you! This even works with bigger social media accounts. The more someone sees you in their notifications, the more likely they are to interact with your content. You can engage with someone's tweets by liking, retweeting, and responding to their tweet. You can also tag them in other's tweets, your own tweets, and click on their profile.

Red Shark Digital | Social Media Marketing Raleigh NC

Red Shark Digital is a digital marketing agency with locations in Raleigh and Greenville, North Carolina. If you partner with us, you can expect to have better insight data and brand credibility. We will work tirelessly on making sure your social media platforms accurately convey your brand. As one of the best social media marketing Raleigh NC agencies, Red Shark Digital will help you create shareable content to generate customer interest and reach a larger audience than your business has before. Visit our website to learn more about how we can help your brand grow!

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