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How to Gear Your Digital Marketing Towards Mother’s Day 2023

April 7, 2022
May 1, 2023

How to Gear Your Digital Marketing Towards Mother’s Day 2023

Any holiday is the perfect opportunity to execute a digital marketing campaign and attract more customers to your business. Mother’s Day is the third-largest retail holiday in the United States. According to Statista, Americans were planning to spend approximately 28 billion dollars on Mother’s Day in 2021, with around one billion dollars on greeting cards alone. This means it's the ideal occasion to make use of social media content strategy and get help from a social media marketing agency near me, like Red Shark Digital.

You Need a Multi-Channel Strategy

To succeed in the digital marketing world, business owners must implement multiple strategies across different channels. One way to do this is with the help of a digital marketing team like Red Shark Digital. Marketing experts will assist you in developing a strategy that includes organic search efforts, paid advertising media, social media content strategy, as well as other tactics to deliver solid results.

Focus on Retargeting

Shoppers most likely have an idea of what they want to purchase for their moms and are looking for branded gifts, which is the perfect opportunity to utilize retargeting. Let’s say users are searching for a specific item (this could be your product or service), however, they might not be ready to purchase just yet. When you implement retargeting tactics, you can continue to target those potential customers who visited your website and left without buying.

Create Exclusive Mother’s Day Deals

Yes, Red Shark Digital will design a strategic and well-developed plan to boost your business and generate more revenue. However, it is important to implement tactics that will grab your customers’ attention. A great way to do this is by creating exclusive promotion codes and offering exclusive deals during the weeks prior to Mother’s Day. Once you have a solid sales strategy, professionals from a social media marketing agency near me can expose the deals to your target audience.

Keep the Digital MOM-entum Going

While Mother’s Day is a fantastic occasion to look for a social media marketing agency near me to better your business strategy, it’s important to continue with your master plan all year round. By now, we all know the relevance of social media content strategy and other digital tactics to ensure your business’ success. This is why counting with the professional help of social media network marketing experts is crucial to plan, strategize and measure your results.

Red Shark Digital | Social Media Marketing Agency Near Me

Whether you already have a Mother’s Day business strategy or you don’t know where to start, our team at Red Shark Digital will turn social media network marketing dreams into reality to benefit your business. Through multiple digital campaigns, including social media content strategy and tactics, we’ll ensure that your business is prepared to succeed during any week of the year. If you are still browsing for a “social media marketing agency near me,” contact Red Shark Digital to start your digital marketing journey.

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