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How to Create a Restaurant Website

June 27, 2022
May 1, 2023

How to Create a Restaurant Website

Abby Costello

If you are wondering how to create a restaurant website, Red Shark Digital has all the tips and tricks! We have quite a few Webflow websites for restaurants in Greenville, NC under our belt, including Seared Chophouse, Angus Grill, and Nash Hot Chicken. If you are searching for web development services for your restaurant, Red Shark Digital would be happy to take on the project!

Customer Base

The first thing to consider when understanding how to create a restaurant website is your customer base. Who do you want to visit your restaurant? Perhaps you are a family-focused restaurant, or maybe you own a sports bar that targets sports fans, or even a late-night fried food spot for college students. The possibilities are endless. Knowing your customer base is essential because it will inspire the design and aesthetic of your Webflow websites. Not only that, but it will be the focus behind the tone of your content.


Restaurant websites do not need to hold excessive content and pages. Most people visiting a restaurant website are looking for a menu, contact information, hours, reservation information, and information about special events, if applicable. If your restaurant website has none of the above, the brutal truth is, what’s the point? When navigating how to create a restaurant website, it’s important to stick to the basics and provide the essentials for your customers. Red Shark Digital has the perfect recipe for creating seamless restaurant Webflow websites that display your atmosphere without losing the core mission of providing your customers with the information that they need.


As mentioned previously, your menu is one of the main reasons a customer is visiting your restaurant Webflow websites. Be expressive in your menu item descriptions, but don’t overdo it with too much information. For example, rather than describing your crab dip appetizer as “Crab meat, cream cheese, and cheddar cheese,” give it a more personalized description like “Crab meat caught fresh from the Atlantic ocean.” Make sure that your menu is published in HTML, not a PDF.

Keep It Current

Don’t let your website fall to the wayside by not updating the menu, specials, hours of operation, or location information if they change at any time. Webflow websites are built and published for the world to see for a reason! Keeping an up-to-date restaurant website will keep customers coming back, especially when they know that you keep your website current with new, delicious menu items!

Red Shark Digital | Web Development Services

If your web development services agency follows the tips above, your restaurant website will be exactly what your customer base wants and needs. If you need assistance creating your Webflow website, contact Red Shark Digital for web development services!

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