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How To Use Figma from RSD

May 9, 2022
May 1, 2023

How To Use Figma from RSD

Alex Kettler

When learning how to use Figma, it’s important to understand that there are endless opportunities to learn something new within the platform. While Figma is a user-friendly design tool that our creative services Greenville NC utilizes, Figma offers an abundance of features that keep us on our toes daily! At Red Shark Digital, we believe that the key to mastering platforms like Figma begins with a confident understanding of the basic skills that are required to work in Figma. If you’re looking to learn more about how to use Figma, follow these steps from our leading creative services Greenville NC team on the best practices to follow when exploring the platform.

Step 1

Figma is a web-based software used for vector graphics and a prototyping tool. I'm going to show you the very basics of making a vector by making a smiley face. When you open Figma you want to open a new design file. Once you have that file open you need to create a frame, you do that by pressing the key ‘F” or click on the frame icon on the toolbar.

Red Shark Digital | how to use figma
Red Shark Digital | how to use figma

Step 2

The frame is your artboard like in Adobe Illustrator, but also acts like a layer panel within that frame. Now the frame has been created, our creative services Greenville NC team is going to start creating the smiley face.  To make the shape of the head, you click on the shape tool and select Ellipse or press the key “O”. And the way to make a perfect circle is while dragging the mouse hold down shift. Next we are going to turn off the fill by clicking on the minus next to fill in the Design panel on right. Then we are adding a stroke, in the Design panel click the plus and change the color to a yellow and in the same stroke panel change the size of the stroke to “6”.

Red Shark Digital | how to use figma

Step 3

Now that we got an outline of a circle we are going to make the eyes. create small ellipses then change the fill to the same yellow. Once the ellipse is made click and press “Shift+alt” and drag the ellipse to the other side to create a copy for the second eye.

Red Shark Digital | how to use figma

Step 4

Next, using the pen tool to make the smile. Press the key “P” to select the pen tool and make a curved line to make the shape of a smile. Make the stroke yellow and change the size to “4”.

Red Shark Digital | how to use figma
Red Shark Digital | how to use figma

Step 5

You should have a complete smiley face now. Using these tools is how you create vector graphics in Figma.

How to Use Figma | Red Shark Digital Creative Services

Design possibilities are endless with the help of platforms such as Figma! The platform is always updating abilities, adding new features, and creating new plugins to maximize the design experience. Red Shark Digital, leader in creative services Greenville NC, is dedicated to continuing our understanding and mastering of Figma to help you learn more about how to use Figma. Follow along with our Shark Bytes series on different ways that you can better your knowledge on how to use Figma! Follow our Instagram or check out our resources to learn more and stay up-to-date on the latest Figma trends.

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