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How to Get Your Business on Google Maps

July 1, 2022
May 1, 2023

How to Get Your Business on Google Maps

Red Shark Digital

There are three simple steps to learning how to get your business on Google Maps. If you are a business owner, knowing how to get your business on Google Maps is essential. Being on Google Maps allows marketing agencies near me to employ SEO services near me more efficiently, helping your business appear higher in Google searches. These Google searches drive organic traffic to your site resulting in more business and more revenue. With that being said, what are the next steps on how to get your business on Google Maps?

Verify Your Business on Google

After creating your Google Business Profile, the first step in how to get your business on Google Maps is to verify your business. To do this, you have to go to your business profile and claim your business. After this, you will have to verify the business through phone, text, email, or video. Which methods are available to you can change depending on everything from business category to region, and some businesses may require more than one verification.

After Verification

Unfortunately, as marketing agencies near me know, verification processes can take some time. This is because when you try to get your business on Google Maps, claims on businesses need to be reviewed for legitimacy. This process helps to ensure the integrity of the process and keep your business in the safety of your hands. After your claim has been verified, you’ll receive a notification alerting you. At this point, you can update all information and edit any existing information at any time that you need to. However, updated information may take a few weeks to appear. Additionally, at this point, you can sign in to Google Maps and add your business to the map in one of three ways. You can enter the address in the search bar and then click the ‘Add your business’ button, right-click anywhere on the map and then click “Add your business,” or in the top left click menu followed by “Add your business.”

Adding your business to the map makes it easier for people to find you, as your business will appear if they search for related topics or if they are just browsing the map. After adding tags and other modifiers to your profile, customers can see just what makes your business unique. Whether it be that you are pet friendly or offer free wifi, your potential patrons will be able to see those characteristics and choose your business for its particular qualities. With the help of Red Shark Digital’s SEO services near me, our marketing team can streamline your Google Business Profile, optimize for campaign success, and equip you with additional information on how to get your business on Google Maps.

Red Shark Digital | SEO Experts

If you’ve been struggling with how to get your business on Google Maps, searching out marketing agencies near me may be what’s best for you. At Red Shark Digital, our expert team of marketing professionals will help you take your business to the next level. Additionally, our SEO services near me can help boost traffic to your site and help your Google performance. To learn more about what we can do for you, visit our website today!

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