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How To: Advertising for Construction Companies

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

How To: Advertising for Construction Companies

Red Shark Digital

Are you the owner of a construction company struggling to determine how to increase your clients? Struggle no more, my friend! Today I am here to tell you about some of the best ways you can go about advertising for construction companies! As an advertising agency Raleigh NC, we have worked with many construction companies and constructing staffing agencies on helping increase their yearly revenue via advertising opportunities. Whether you are a seasoned pro when it comes to digital marketing or starting from the ground up, I hope that these tips on which channels and strategies to use will help you elevate your business. If it seems too daunting, don’t fret, just fill out our contact form and someone from our team will be glad to help.

But without further ado, this is what you came for (cue the Rihanna song).

Advertising for Construction Companies on Facebook

So without having to pull out any fancy stat here, it’s common knowledge that everyone know someone who uses Facebook or one of their affiliates. That’s why social media advertising is one of the easiest ways to advertise your construction company!

When looking at the overall marketing and advertising funnel, Facebook is going to fall right there in the middle. Facebook allows you to target your key demographics where they spend the majority of their time online- social media. Depending upon your target market, whether it be commercial or residential construction there are many layers of targeting you can add to ensure that you get your brand in front of the right people at all times.

One thing I do want to touch on, even though it’s not paid advertising related is organic postings and Facebook. Facebook is always changing it’s algorithm so if you feel that you are struggling to get your messages to your audience, you can always implement a boost campaign that will let you boost your organic posts for a small amount of time and budget so that it will show on your audience’s Facebook news feeds more often.

Marketing for Construction Companies on LinkedIn

This one is more so for my commercial construction companies out there. If you are looking to reach an audience in the commercial field exclusively, don’t forget about LinkedIn! LinkedIn is one of the biggest social networking platforms for professionals and is chock full of business owners who may now or in the near future need your services.

Now don’t let LinkedIn scare you if you are a residential construction company or construction staffing agency. There are still many benefits into building in Linkedin into how you go about advertising your construction company. In fact, many real estate types use LinkedIn and if you are able to find real estate agencies to partner with they may share your posts and messages with their previous buyers on the platform!

One thing to note regarding LinkedIn though is that you will have to pay a pretty penny to compete in the paid advertising space on LinkedIn. With CPMs that can reach upwards of 50 bucks a pop depending on targeting, be sure you have you campaign optimized properly before launch. Or ya know, contact an advertising agency Raleigh NC (read: Red Shark Digital).

Advertising for Construction Companies on Google

Sometimes you just need leads and you need them quickly. This is where search advertising can be a part of your advertising strategy. Google is one of, if not the most widely used search engines in the world. People typically search for construction companies on Google when they have an immediate need, making Google one tactic you just cannot ignore.

Now with Google proper keyword selection and budget is important but this is all based off of your local market! We recommend using Google’s Keyword Planner to help assess which keywords would be more profitable and achievable in your market given your budget.

Email Marketing for Construction Companies

If you’ve been in the construction industry for some time you probably groan and sigh before checking your email but you may not realize that you can use email to your advantage.

There are many different email marketing softwares out there that you can utilize for your email marketing such as MailChimp and Constant Contact but the service you use isn’t as influential as how you use it.

First, you will need to do some research, or buy a list, whichever suits your fancy. But you need a list of contacts to market yourself too. I recommend this for commercial companies, looking into business coming soon and figuring out who their contact is, add them to your email and get to sending! You’ll want to monitor and remove users who are not interacting with your emails so they don’t report you as spam but email marketing is a great way to increase your clientele.

It's Time to Begin With Red Shark Digital Marketing Agency

Now that you know all about advertising for construction companies take these insights and implement them into your marketing strategy. If you are feeling a touch overwhelmed and would like the help of an advertising agency in Raleigh NC then submit our contact form and we will be happy to help! We can’t wait to see what great things your construction company can accomplish!

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