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Should I Hire a Social Media Manager or an Agency

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Should I Hire a Social Media Manager or an Agency

Abby Costello

How do I get started on social media?

Choosing a strategy to tackle your social media strategy can be a huge make or break for a business of any size. As social media is used to connect with customers, increase brand awareness, and multiply sales, there is no reason not to take advantage of numerous platforms. The difficult decision here comes with choosing how to address the management of your social media accounts. If you are stuck between hiring a social media manager or investing in an agency, take a look at some of the key points between the two.

Advantages of Hiring a Social Media Manager

Hiring a social media manager in-house can be a great advantage to your business, as they will be truly committed to running your channels. An in-house hire will be able to learn your business inside and out between product lines, services, news and every sale or event which pops up. Being around for daily operations will help a manager capture pictures, video, and other content to add to the channels immediately. Being present on the back end of the platforms at all times helps immensely with customer connections, especially on top sites like Facebook and Instagram, comments are huge. Answering comments and direct messages in a timely manner shows that you have a connection with the customer, which leaves a mark and can be helpful when questions pop up.In addition to mastering the company, they will have enough time to figure out what works for the whole industry, from the viewpoint of a customer on several platforms. As most industries change over time, so do social media trends, having a social media manager will help to keep an eye out on the industry and start adapting to any change or trend quickly, helping to stay at the top or to compete with the market. Strategy is important since it makes a presence neat and efficient, a social media manager will have time to adapt their strategy to any changes, or create a new one if they notice a decline in results.

Advantages of Hiring an Agency For Social Media

Hiring an agency to work your social media can be a smart investment as they are usually results oriented. Marketing agencies stay in business by proving to clients that they can increase results between sales, calls, or clicks. While they may not be exact experts in your industry, they are bound to have knowledge of various industries, which comes in handy when crafting strategy, and adapting to changes in the social media landscape before a social media manager will. Strategy is a large theme of every marketing agency, as having an efficient and powerful plan will provide positive results, compared to just winging it or trial and error. Mastering UX (user experience) and UI (User Interface) design is a powerful skill set marketing agencies have, while a newly graduated college student may have a fresh perspective on social media, they're not always experts in strategy among platforms. Working with an agency who has mastered social media accounts for hundreds of clients helps speed up the process of getting your social media set up, designed, and posted on with thought.

Costs of a hiring a marketing agency

Agencies are experts in the marketing industry. This provides much more experience with social media and provides a whole team for support, viewpoints and strategy debugging. Hiring an agency cuts costs for hiring, training, development, and marketing tools. As shown by Glassdoor, it can be three times more expensive to hire someone in-house to do the same work. In addition to social media platforms, the resources and tools used that grow leads and cut costs on tasks like geo-fencing, SEO strategy, analytics, and design software can start to add up. Agencies can divide their costs between multiple clients, saving you from the expense of buying it yourself. Having these tools and employees who know how to use them correctly can make a worlds difference when it comes to the results of your social media channels. By choosing Red Shark Digital for your social media management, we can help you craft the perfect voice to reflect your brand and your products. We are experts at multiple social media platforms and we are always evolving our strategy to tackle new trends. Follow us on Instagram to learn more about our social media presence and contact us today to get started!

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