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Helping Businesses Connect with Local Audiences

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Helping Businesses Connect with Local Audiences

Red Shark Digital

Facebook has found that they are becoming more prominent in small business marketing, to help grow this community of users, they have implemented many new characteristics to expand on their pages feature. Concentrating on the mobile version of Facebook, they have added to and redesigned the different categories of a business page, in hopes to make it easier for business owners to connect and serve customers.

As there are several categories for business pages, like restaurants, shops, and services to name a few, the prominent interaction customers will need to use for each type of business are now highlighted and easier than ever. For restaurant pages, be able to start your order from the first sight of their page, or buy tickets for an event or concert going on downtown, and book an appointment for the nail salon in seconds.Facebook recognized that each business falls into a different category and wanted to highlight the services offered, making the connection between owner and user a breeze. Making the service interaction more accessible on the page will hopefully help the business make more sales and customers more likely to have a satisfying experience, eventually being a repeat customer. Since over 1.6 billion people have a connection to local businesses, updating the page's features was extremely essential to help local business owners to stay alive and keep small business booming.

Local Jobs

Along with keeping small businesses alive, expanding on the jobs tool goes hand and hand with helping the economy and people make a living. While local businesses make up over half of new jobs in the world, the jobs tool will help people find hiring places in their area, as well as employers to hire the right people. Finding a perfect match for a job is essential to each local businesses culture and keeping it afloat with other competition. In order to make sure the job is in a reasonable distance, Facebook expanded on the “local” feature, you can now look through a local section of pages on the mobile app, to find the best options around you. They have released a Facebook Local App, which helps to see which places are highly recommended as well as find events that your Facebook friends are already going to.


Recommendations is a helpful feature for customers but also business owners, as word of mouth suggestions are still creating great suggestions for change. You'll want to be able to see what you are getting into from other’s experiences when trying a new restaurant or salon, as on the other hand, owners will like to see what exactly their customers want, liked, or disliked for each experience. Having the ability to see all this information publicly will create more satisfied experiences no matter what type of business you are using. You will be able to poll on which destinations others should check out if it be on vacation or a new spot in town. Facebook has also encouraged a more detailed recommendation by adding a minimum character count, option for photos, and letting you post these as reviews.Are you looking to connect with your local audience more? Contact Red Shark Digital today to kickstart your social marketing efforts.

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