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Creating an Excellent Greenville NC Social Media Marketing Strategy

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Creating an Excellent Greenville NC Social Media Marketing Strategy

Abby Costello

Remember when social media consisted of snapping a photo of your flip flops in the sand, slapping a filter on it, typing a short caption (read: “#chillaxin”), and calling it a day? You may have gotten about 17 likes, but who cares? Unfortunately, the simplicity of those days on social media are long gone. It is no longer as straightforward as posting a picture of something you love; now you have to make sure that your followers love it too, or else your social media channels are not going to succeed. Here are a few things you can do to start setting your Greenville NC social media marketing strategy up for success:

Set Your Own Goals

When it comes to setting goals in life, you wouldn’t set a goal to be able to lift 250 pounds when your expertise is in running, right? You are not a weight lifter, you’re a runner. Similarly, as a business, you wouldn’t set a goal that doesn’t fit your expertise. Set realistic social media goals that fit your business. Start small with goals such as increasing brand awareness or engagement, gaining followers, generating more sales, etc. Choose something that fits and keep the strategy simple; you don’t want to overwhelm yourself or your audience.

Get to Know Your Audience

Before you can begin planning content, you must first consider your audience. What do they like to see, what sparks their interest, what age range are you creating content for? Check out these social media demographics to help you get a feel for what type of audiences you may come across on individual social channels.

Notable Metrics

Your Greenville NC social media marketing efforts should be motivated by data. Focus on clicks, reach, engagement, and hashtag performance. Track reach to see if your content is being seen on users’ feeds. Then track clicks to get an idea of what encourages people to move through your marketing funnel. Next, track engagement for a ratio of interactions and impressions, and track hashtag performance to inspire your content with each new strategy.

Scope Out Competitors

When we say to scope out the competition, that doesn’t mean to figure out what they’re doing and do the exact same thing just because you’ve seen the success. It means figuring out what is working so well for them and finding a way to shape your own strategy with that in mind. It’s all about inspiration, not replication. With these tips in mind, it is time to get started on your own social media strategy! Or perhaps hand it over to the experts in Greenville NC social media marketing, Red Shark Digital. We would be happy to take on your content creation and strategy development. Contact us!

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