Construction Webflow Website Design with Red Shark Digital

Red Shark Digital has done it again, this time with a construction webflow website design! Today, we launched the PLT Construction Co. Webflow website. PLT Construction Co. specializes in commercial and heavy highway construction. As a full-service site development construction company, PLT prides itself on providing excellent customer service and quality work. With that being said, the new website had to live up to the expectations of quality work! We did just that with Webflow CMS development and copywriting. We redesigned the construction Webflow website with eye-catching fonts and images, plus animations showcasing PLT’s featured projects within both divisions: commercial construction and heavy highway construction. As you navigate through the construction Webflow website, you will learn more about the company, who they are, what they do, their divisions, their dedication to safety, and their projects. There is also a form that call be filled to start your project with PLT Construction Co.We also improved the site’s performance report, starting with a grade E at 49% performance and 67% structure and improving all the way up to an A, with a 97% performance score and 86% structure.

We are quite proud of this new construction Webflow website design and we encourage you to take a look.

Take a look at the before:

And after!

Construction webflow website design | Red Shark Digital
Construction webflow website design | Red Shark Digital