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If You're Not on Social, Do You Really Exist?

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

If You're Not on Social, Do You Really Exist?

Red Shark Digital

Here is the obvious, essentially everyone is on some sort of social media platform. Yes, even your grandparents. So, why aren’t you as a business? There are so many excuses, “we don’t have time”, “our audience isn’t on social”, “we don’t know what to do”. While these seem valid, they’re not. If you don’t keep up, you’ll be left behind. That is the most important thing to remember, now is not the time to be stubborn and have an ‘old school’ mentality when it comes to marketing and growing your business. Now, more than ever, if you don’t have an online presence, your target audience does not view you as a legitimate business.

Social Media Management Raleigh, NC

So, where do you start? You don’t have time for social media, hire someone! Social media management has become a growing trend in agencies around Raleigh, North Carolina and nationwide. They can strategize with you on how to move forward with your social media plan and either help you implement it or implement it for you. Not worth the investment, in your opinion? Well, we would argue that the ROI most definitely is. It pays for itself, it speaks for itself. Gaining more followers, likes, shares, overall engagement, puts you in front of more people which leads to more awareness, more customers, we could go on for days.

Not only does social media get you in front of the people you want to be in front of, it builds brand awareness, it personalizes you to those looking at your platforms, it can make you or break you. Another HUGE perk of using social channels to build your business is...wait for’s FREE! Yes, sponsored and paid ads cost you money (not a lot, let’s be honest) but, posting, engaging, and creating an impressive profile is so easy. This is where an agency like Red Shark comes into play. We can create that impressive profile, become your social media experts, determine which channels are best for your business, and really beef up those posts to get you out there. It isn’t just about posting, it’s about knowing when to post, what voice to use to reach who you want, and more.

Know Your Target Market

It isn’t necessarily a good idea to be on every single social channel. Your audience may only be on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn, etc. Sometimes less can be more. We help determine that through your social media management package. Social media also isn’t a set it and forget it tactic, just because you have a profile created does not mean you can stop there. Customers are looking over your channels before they do business with you, they are looking to see what you post, are you active, are you interactive, do you seem to engage with your followers. These things are SO important, they build brand positivity.

Personalize Your Content

Your social channel is where your audience wants to see you real and out there. They don’t want a dry business with boring posts, they want to see you connect and understand them. When people get on social, they are there for the emotional aspect for it more times than not. When you hire an agency for social media management, this is what they will do. Audit your accounts, make suggestions, tweak things here and there, and then really show your audience who you are. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not, either. People are so savvy nowadays that they can see right through that. They want to do business with you because you connected with them in one way or another. That’s key, hold onto that connection.

The beauty of social media management is that your agency will determine how hands-on or hands-off you want to be. Do you want to throw in some personal posts while they schedule out informative posts? Great! Do you want them to do all posts, personal and informative alike? Perfect! Here at Red Shark Digital in Raleigh, NC, we will tailor each plan to your liking and what will be the absolute best for you, your business, and your audience. Not in Raleigh, NC? That’s the beauty of the internet. We can work from wherever, with whoever, and still deliver results.

A social media plan is important but keep in mind, every idea may not work. Social media is a lot of trial and error. Be patient, it is a growing process. After a while of interacting with your audience, you will learn what they like and what they don’t, capitalize on what they do. You will also learn quickly that people turn to social media instead of a customer service 1-800 number, now. Be sure you are ready to publicly handle good and bad reviews and engagement, quickly, everyone is watching. The agency helping you with your social media management will have tips and tricks to dealing with all kinds of reviews and preparing in planning for those as well.

Last but not least, nothing happens overnight. Unless something crazy happens, you’re not going to gain a million followers overnight and people aren’t going to start engaging with you immediately. Keep at it, let your agency help, take advice, and watch it grow. Let Red Shark Digital help with your social media management in Raleigh, NC, and everywhere else!

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