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What Is Local SEO in Raleigh & How Does It Work?

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

What Is Local SEO in Raleigh & How Does It Work?

Erin Porter

In today's world, being relevant on the internet is one of the most important elements that a business needs to succeed. We can understand that it seems odd, but many more people may encounter your business online before they ever notice the physical location of the store. Local SEO is an element of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that helps your business gain visibility in your local community.

Local SEO is the perfect opportunity for small businesses to be put on the map. Red Shark Digital uses a variety of strategies to go above and beyond your competitors, putting you at the top of the search results. Are you interested in learning more about how useful local SEO is to your business? Keep reading!

What Does the Potential Customer See?

To give you the best representation of local SEO in play, simply test it yourself! Type in a popular keyword, such as 'restaurants near me' or 'local SEO Raleigh.' What shows up on Google is a "map pack." This includes a map with three or four listings beneath the map that are related to the keyword that you typed in.You want your business to be at the top of that list. With Red Shark Digital's expertise in local SEO Raleigh, you'll succeed! Let's take a look into what makes local SEO so important, and how it works to boost your business.

Why Local SEO is Different

SEO is a very important factor in digital marketing. SEO influences relevancy and popularity for your website. The more that your site's digital footprint is optimized, the more the site will consistently show up higher in the list of search results.Local SEO takes optimization up a notch. When someone enters a search, Google takes that person's location into account. Depending on where they are, the search results will be focused on businesses that are relevant to their area. For example, if someone's car breaks down, it's not helpful to highlight towing companies 300 miles away from their location and burying others that are closer in proximity! As you can imagine, the local SEO algorithm exploded when smartphones took over the market. Because you can now search anything from anywhere at any time, local SEO became even more important!

How To Get Started Building Your Local SEO Profile

With the opportunity to appear within both the main organic search results and the local map pack, the time to grow your business is more achievable than ever! In order to begin building your online presence, you'll need the help of local SEO Raleigh experts from Red Shark Digital. We conduct research on the latest keyword and search trends to bring you the best traction to your website. All local SEO Raleigh business packages include directory citation building, Google My Business management, and removal of harmful duplicate listings.Not only do we have the latest intel on SEO trends, but we can upgrade your website into a professional, stunning showcase of your brand and products! You will receive a website built from scratch that speaks to your business needs. Visit Red Shark Digital's website to learn more about how you can kickstart your business's success.

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