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Helping Your Client Understand the Value of SEO

September 26, 2023
September 26, 2023

Helping Your Client Understand the Value of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), often seen as the unsung hero of digital marketing, is a powerful tool that tends to operate behind the scenes. As a Partner Account Manager, your mission is not to only deliver results, but also to empower your clients with a deep understanding of the immense value Webflow SEO services can bring to their business. In this article, we'll explore six proven methods that explain the value of SEO and emphasize the importance of working together as partners to boost your client's search rankings and overall success.

Refine Data Insight with SEO

Target and Conquest Competitor Website Traffic

Think of SEO as a friendly competition where you and your client work together to outperform their closest competitors. Create a simple bar chart that visually depicts your client's website traffic compared to their main competitor. This engaging visual illustrates the journey you're embarking on together—to surpass the competition and achieve SEO excellence.

Expedite Online Visibility With Keyword Research Data

Share of search reflects the collaborative efforts and impact of our partnership. Utilize tools such as Google Trends, Semrush, and Ahrefs to better track and evaluate the organic search performance of your client in comparison to competitors in their industry. Providing valuable data with an engaging, achievement-forward narrative effectively showcases how our partnership enhances your client's business and broadens their online presence.

Gain User Insight With Branded Keyword Metrics

Branded search traffic is a spotlight on your client's brand presence. While it may not be solely attributed to SEO, capturing this traffic showcases your partnership's impact. It's a powerful metric to share with stakeholders, emphasizing the visibility you're jointly creating in the market.

Clarify Your Client’s User Journey Path

Google's "messy middle" research highlights the user journey stages customers go through before making a buyer decision. Your SEO strategy aims to be present during the research phase, providing valuable information. Share Search Console data with your clients to demonstrate how your partnership guides potential customers on their journey.

Physical Availability: Optimize Efforts and Save Money

Physical availability measures how easily customers can buy from your client's brand, often linked to PPC keywords. By tracking your organic rankings for these keywords, you're helping to reduce PPC costs. Present this data in a monthly chart to optimize your client's marketing spend.

Attract and Highlight New Website Visitors

New visitors represent potential new prospects for your client. Highlight the sources of this traffic to show that your SEO efforts are introducing their brand to fresh audiences. It's a testament to your partnership's role in growing their brand awareness.

Validate Your Expertise With Professional SEO Reporting

Instead of bombarding your clients with all the complex analytics data that Google provides, let your expertise shine by interpreting the data and presenting SEO reporting in a way that is easy to understand.

Give your clients a concise one-page cover report detailing the most important metrics and information. Concise reporting saves time and demonstrates your expertise in choosing the most relevant data.

Work With Red Shark Digital, Your Partner SEO Agency of Choice

As SEO specialists, we understand the importance of incorporating our expertise in every aspect, including reporting. By providing context to the data, we add value and make it more engaging for our clients. Visit our digital marketing news page for additional resources on our marketing services and agency updates.

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