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What’s New: Google Search Console Page Experience Report Updates

November 9, 2023
November 9, 2023

What’s New: Google Search Console Page Experience Report Updates

Abby Costello

Google has rolled out an important update to its Search Console tool, enhancing its Page Experience Report. The update is aimed at helping website owners and developers improve the user experience of their websites. This is extremely helpful for us here at Red Shark Digital when completing monthly site audit tasks to improve performance for our client’s websites across the board.

Notable Updates to Google Page Experience Report

"The new Page Experience Report design offers a more informational overview of Google Search Console data for website managers."
Image Source: Google Search Console, 2023. Accessed via data sourced from Google Search Console Page Experience Report.

New Page Experience Report Design

The Page Experience Report includes new metrics such as "Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)," "Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)," and "First Input Delay (FID)." These metrics previously lived under the Core Web Vitals report with detailed reporting graphics. The new Page Experience Report offers a fresh design with simplified overviews of website health statuses. Additionally, the update includes a refreshed page design for a Core Web Vitals dashboard view that offers a more informative summary of page performance.

Retirement of Good Page Experience Reporting

Two items previously featured, the Good page experience search appearance filter in the Performance report and the former page experience report, have been removed with the update. Support for this search appearance filter in the Search Console API will be removed in 180 days. SEO specialists will need to adapt some reporting practices going forward.

Improvements to User Experience Insights

With these additional metrics, we can gain more in-depth insights into the user experience on our clients’ websites. Understanding LCP, CLS, and FID can help identify and address issues that may negatively impact user satisfaction.

Real-time Data Reporting

The new report offers real-time data, which is especially valuable for those making ongoing improvements to their websites. This feature enables us to monitor and measure the impact of our changes more effectively.

How Google Page Experience Updates Change Ranking Factors

Validates Page Experience as a Ranking Factor

Google has also made it clear that page experience will be considered as a ranking factor. Websites that provide a better user experience may benefit from improved search engine rankings.

Defines Value of Core Web Vitals

The update focuses on Core Web Vitals, which are essential for evaluating page experience. Core Web Vitals play a crucial role in assessing how users perceive the speed and stability of a web page. By paying attention to these metrics, SEO experts enhance clients’ websites’ overall performance and user satisfaction.

The New Google Page Experience Legitimizes User Experience

In conclusion, this update to the Page Experience Report in Google Search Console underscores the importance of delivering a positive user experience. By understanding and optimizing these new metrics, digital marketing agencies can not only enhance user satisfaction but also potentially boost clients’ search rankings.

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