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Using Facebook Pages To Market Your Business

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Using Facebook Pages To Market Your Business

Red Shark Digital

With more than 2 billion people on Facebook, if your business doesn’t have a Facebook Page, then what are you doing? A Facebook Page essentially serves as an online storefront, and perhaps more importantly, it is a tool for you to market your business to a large audience of digital users. Red Shark Digital, a leader in digital marketing Greenville NC, is here to share some advantages of having a Facebook Page for your business:


The dream of any business is to have an engaged audience, especially if that audience consists of exactly who you want to be interacting with your posts. Connecting with your target audience via Facebook is easier than ever using Facebook Audience Insights, which provides businesses with tons of data on target demographics for digital marketing Greenville NC. Reaching a wide audience means nothing if you’re not reaching the right audience. Facebook Audience Insights gives businesses in-depth insights down to users’ interests and occupations to ensure your business is creating content that aligns with its target audience.


An audience can quickly become a community when using a Facebook Page for your business. One primary premise behind Facebook Pages is that they allow businesses to form long-lasting relationships with their audience. It’s no secret that people use social media to stay in the loop. By using a Facebook Page, your business can keep people informed on upcoming events, company updates, or general information as simple as business hours.


Red Shark Digital knows that connection is key in digital marketing Greenville NC, and users just scrolling through your content online isn’t enough to achieve desired results. Your business needs customers to take action which is why Facebook has call-to-action buttons. Whether the ultimate goal of your business is to have someone schedule an appointment or make a purchase on your website, call-to-action buttons can get the job done. This Page feature aims to drive more traffic to your website, likely connecting users with your company’s products and services.

Customer Service

Quality customer service is the backbone of any successful business, and there is no better way to consistently communicate with customers than through your Facebook Page. We all have plenty of those little bell icons indicating notifications on our social media accounts, and they really do come in handy when you don’t want to miss a beat online. Through Facebook Pages, customers can keep in touch with your business by writing on your Facebook Wall for the public to see, sending you a private direct message, or even leaving a positive review.


As a leading agency in digital marketing Greenville NC, here at Red Shark Digital, we are constantly creating content that we want our audience to enjoy. Facebook Pages enable businesses to boost particular posts or promote their Page to a select audience. This audience can consist of people who like your Page, plus their friends, and even an entirely new audience based on other demographics.

Digital Marketing Greenville NC

Red Shark Digital, your local digital marketing Greenville NC, wants your business however big or small to get the exposure it deserves. Through the previously mentioned Facebook Page features, we believe your business will be able to reach its target audience and beyond with incredible, customized content!

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