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Is Social Advertising Only a Viable Marketing Strategy?

November 12, 2021
September 27, 2023

Is Social Advertising Only a Viable Marketing Strategy?

Red Shark Digital

No matter what products or services you are selling and who you are selling it to, using social media as your only marketing tool can be successful. While you might be skeptical, let me explain to you how social only is not only a viable marketing strategy but how it can help you grow your brand and pad your wallet.

Social Media Ads Allow Targeting and Retargeting

One of the reasons social media is important is because of it’s highly customizable nature of social media ads. You can target users by things like location, education level, industry and even posts they have liked. Users targeted over social media are far more likely to convert to sales and leads.

A Strong Social Media Presence Builds Brand Loyalty

Brands with active social media platforms have more loyal followers than those who do not. Loyal customers are more likely to share, follow or post user-generated content to your brand’s profile over another. That behavior thereby extends your business’s reach and impact on social and beyond. It's easy to imagine why: when you are engaging and interacting on social media you become less like a corporation and more like what you truly are...a unified group of people who share a vision.

The Social Media Marketing Arena is a [Fairly] Level Playing Field

While some brands may have bigger budgets than others, all companies start off on a pretty equal footing when it comes to social media marketing. The people and brands who thrive and go viral are those with the most clever, attention-grabbing tactics, and then most useful, link-worthy content. You can gain the upper hand and rise above your competition by providing value to your target market, and there is no easier way to do this than with social media.

Social Media Marketing Will Get You More Sales

Social media marketing doesn't just keep your company's name in front of potential buyers but it also gives you the opportunity to constantly give them incentives to buy. You can also leverage your competitors to help you expand your audience and increase your sales. Specifically, knowing how to tap into competitors social media audiences will give you access to a fresh, active pool of people (aka your potential customer base).

It’s Cheap

You heard that right - social only marketing is cheap. How can you argue with that? If you handle your own social media management, running a social marketing campaign is as cheap as it gets. If you were to hire an agency to handle your social media management, it can cost you a little more. However, it will be an investment that you will be likely to see a return on.

The ROI on Social Media is Unbeatable

The average cost per click on Google AdWords is between $1 and $2 depending on the keyword targeted, but you can end up paying $50 or more for a single click. Through targeted boosted posts on social media, you can send traffic for as little as $0.12 per click. Why would you pay ten or twenty times as much for each visit when social media makes earning traffic quick and easy?

So the answer is yes, social only is a viable marketing strategy. So, are you ready to rocket ahead of your competitors and take the social media world by storm? Want to see your search engine rankings climb and your traffic soar? Contact the pros at Red Shark Digital and we will get you on the path to success today!

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