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How to Optimize Google Posts to Boost Rankings

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

How to Optimize Google Posts to Boost Rankings

Erin Porter

One thing we often get asked is how can you easily boost rankings without an expensive SEO plan. One thing you can do to boost rankings to an extent is to utilize Google Posts! Google Posts are an extension of your Google My Business listing that allows you to post a status update to searchers. These updates get your business noticed and can help you increase traffic to your site when written the correct way. Now I know what you're wondering, how can you write a strategic Google Post that will help you excel in the SERPs. This is why I've put together some tips that can be used across any vertical when creating Google Posts. Now let's dive in.

Keep It Valuable

Don't overthink the content you are posting via your Google Posts. It is always best to keep the content valuable and current. Some ideas that you could use to keep your Google Posts on point are; press releases, blog postings, job openings, personal statements, along with current promotions and campaigns. One thing to remember is that your headline should be actional and memorable to catch a user's attention.

Short & Sweet

You can use up to 300 words for your Google Post, but only 100 will show in the Knowledge Panel. ALWAYS make sure that the critical information is in the first 100 words, as many users will not expand the post from the search results.

Don't Forget the CTA

Optimizing your posts with great call to actions, linking to a captivating landing page is a great way to increase clicks and conversion rates. Make sure your CTAs stand out from your competitor's so that users will want to engage with your brand first.

Images are Key

First off, make sure your images are eye-catching and engaging. Bright colors are often a go here because the eye will instantly gravitate to them to see what they are. Once you find a high-quality image, remember that the best image size for Google Posts is 750x750 with the focal point of the image in the center. This ensures that nothing goes unnoticed in the post.

Schedule it Out

Last but not least, stick to a posting schedule. Text and image posts only last 7 days from when they were posted. Keep this in mind when scheduling your posts out. Your knowledge panel can show up to three at the time so it is best to always have 1 or 2 active all the time. This will ensure maximum visibility for your brand.

Now that you know how to create the best Google Posts, get out there and start posting. Experience the difference that high-quality Google Posts will bring to your business today!

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